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  1. Tiny Wisdom: Be Curious, Be Amazed by Lori Deschene — Tiny Buddha: Simple wisdom for complex lives, United States, Jan 26, 2012, 1]

  2. Just Keep Going by Mastin Kipp and TheDailyLove.com — Quote feature with Jackson Kiddard, Sri Sathya Sai Baba and George Lucas, Apr 27, 2012 2

  3. Was the Universe born with Black Holes? by theoretical astrophysicist, Professor Ethan Siegel — Portal to the Universe, 2011, an initiative by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

  4. Counseling Support on Death and Dying, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Gerald Lee Jordan (MBA, MEd, MCouns) — Counseling Therapy Services, New Zealand, December 4, 2011 3

  5. Values for a Better Life Series of Inspirational Quote by Thought Leaders — The Foundation for a Better Life, Scholars & Leaders, Courtesy, p. 3

  6. Forgiveness: Teaching My Kids About Love by Katherine Stone — Walt Disney Company, Babble: For a New Generation of Parents, January 24th, 2012 — (Published with Reinhold Neibuhr, Martin Luther King Jr., Henri J. M. Nouwen, Anne Lamott, Elbert Hubbard) 4]

  7. McGill on On Forgiveness at the Daily Dharma — artofdharma.org, Aana Grey, August 20, 2009 5

  8. McGill Writings Published by Rap Artist LL Cool J — Official Site and Twitter, LL Cool J, April 18, 2009

  9. McGill Writings Published by Chaka Khan. 100 Days of Chaka Project! (Day 81) — Official Site and Twitter, Chaka Khan. 100 Days of Chaka Project., June 11, 2013

  10. The Thinker: Learning, Teaching and Applying critical Thinking by Jeffrey Ellis — Thoughts Related to Critical Thinking, March 7th, 2011 — (Published with Martin Luther King, Jr., Rick Warren, Confucius, Sir James Dewar, Malcolm S. Forbes, Richard Feynman, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Carlyle, Rene Descartes, Carl Sagan, Woodrow Wilson) 6 7

  11. Your "Dash:" Accomplishment vs Achievement by Cynthia Barlow — Clarity, Confidence & Communication, October 30th, 2011 — (Published with Eleanor Roosevelt, Orison Swett Marden, W. Clement Stone) 8

  12. Are Common Courtesy and Good Manners No Longer in Vogue with the Growing Ubiquity of Technology? by Milton Mattox 9

  13. Develop Better Interpersonal Skills - Tips for Active Listening by PX People 10

  14. 11 Symptoms of Social Media Pollution by Remington Begg (chooseimpulse.com) 11

  15. V'ahavta l'reacha kamocha-Love Your Neighbor as Yourself: How is the Golden Rule applicable today? by The Reform Jewish Youth Movement (nfty.org) 12

  16. 14 Quotes to Inspire Customer Experience Leaders by Janessa Lantz (peoplemetrics.com) 13

  17. Got Respect? Respect. Or, as Aretha Franklin would say, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." A simple word that has significant impact by Jenn Clark (shenow.org) 14

  18. Why You Should be Respecting the Elderly by Harleena Singh (aha-now.com) 15

  19. Relationship Tips. #7. Listen: Is Anybody Really Listening? by Sherie Venner 16

  20. Advice for Being a Good Conversationalist by Ross Reck (rossreck.com) 17

  21. Change Your Perspective: Two Ears, One Mouth by Greg Essenmacher (gregessenmacher.com) 18

  22. Reflections on Listening by the Listen First Project (listenfirstproject.org) 19

  23. Respect goes both ways, you know by Karl Koelle (karlkoelle.com) 20

  24. 7 Tips Caregivers Can Instantly Use To Deepen Rapport With Their Clients by Health Care Associates (healthcareassociates.net) 21

  25. Album Review of Crocodiles - Crimes of Passion by John Glynn (whenthegramophonerings.com) 22

  26. Whole-Body Listening: Applications of this active-listening lesson for children often omit key points by Susanne Poulette Truesdale, MEd, CCC-SLP (advanceweb.com) 23

  27. Migration Plus Newsletter by Dr. Christopher R White (migrationplus.com.au) 24

  28. An inside look at the endless debates about our favorite superheroes and comic book characters by Batmaniac (ComicBookMovie.com) 25

  29. Virtual University Sialkot City Campus News 26

  30. Character Development Series: Sincerity vs Hypocrisy by Elizabeth 27

  31. South West Desert Lover : Respect. 28

  32. Character Trait : R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Aristoi Classical Academy (aristoiclassical.org) 29

  33. Top Personal Development Tweets of the week: Issue No. 1 by Michael J Costello (PersonalDevelopmentToolbox.com) 30

  34. Daily Motivation by Jacob Louis (motivatingmemes.net) 31

  35. Listen by Just Laurel (justlaurel.com) 32

  36. The Art of Building Rapport, Part II: Deep Listening & Backtracking by Ascendnon Profits 33

  37. The Lumen Mind Difference by Shana Bosler (lumenmind.com) 34

  38. Doctor Jesus; Luke 4:31-44; Carl Crouse; SACC by Sumas A.C. Church 35

  39. Attitude is Everything Part 2: R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Kathleen Mangiafico (blogging4jobs.com) 36

  40. The True Value of Listening to Your Organization by Kevin McNabb (mlmleadershipdevelopment.com) 37

  41. Career & Leadership Development: Shhhh... Listen! Call by John Jensen (uww.edu) 38

  42. Core Values: Respect (centercitypcs.org) 39

  43. Listening in Itasca communities by Blandin Foundation (blandinfoundation.org) 40

  44. A Collection of Quotes and Thoughts on RESPECT by DUNIA Mag (duniamagazine.com) 41

  45. A Spiritual Purpose for Listening by Sandra Lindsey (sandralindsey.com) 42

  46. Talking It Out: The New Conversation-centered Leadership by Alan S. Berson and Richard G. Stieglitz (goodvillenews.com) 43

  47. 100 Great Quotes About Life And Living (4th Edition) by John Hawkins (rightwingnews.com) 44

  48. 20 Great Quotes on Online Reputation Management by MassivePR International Reputation Management & Security Agency. (massive.pr/) 45

  49. Three Strategic Thinking Characteristics by Greg Githens (Tools for strategic and strong-minded thinkers!) 46

  50. Listening: The Most Important Skill You Are NOT Doing by Julia Winston (asmithblog.com) 47

  51. Karma in the C-Suite: What Goes Around... by Stephen Bruce, PhD, PHR (hrdailyadvisor.blr.com) 48

  52. Forgiving isn't Always Easy When it comes to Forgiving Ourselves by Alyssa (ahabiblemoments.com/) 49

  53. 100 Greatest Data Quotes by Vishal Kumar (V1shal.com) 50

  54. 37 Freeing Quotes For People With Anxiety by Chrissy Stockton (thoughtcatalog.com/) 51

  55. Property Wisdom — Keep Your Emotions in Check by Industry News (rightmove.co.uk) 52

  56. Krishna's connection with Shakespeare by Vivek Kumar (speakingtree.in) 53

  57. 7 Paths to a Meaningful Life by DailyGood (dailygood.org) 54

  58. Know your enemy: Fresno State edition by Drew Roberts (obnug.com) 55

  59. Ready, steady, go! Preparing children for their life ahead by Rosemary Dewan (innovatemyschool.com) 56

  60. Are Common Courtesy and Good Manners No Longer in Vogue With the Growing Ubiquity of Technology? by Milton Mattox (ezinearticles.com/) 57

  61. Healing Positive Resources by Mental Block Therapy (mentalblocktherapy.com) 58

  62. Sudden Cardiac Arrest: America’s Leading Cause of Death by John Ehinger of Marsh & McLennan (mmc.com) 59

  63. Activate Your Life: Why We Need Rebels by Anjana Love Dixon (theanjananetwork.net/) 60

  64. Outbreak of Zombies in the US and UK. by Michelle Moloney King (teachermoloneyking.com/) 61

  65. A Time to Listen: Youth Perspectives on Poverty & Prosperity. A Message from The Declaration Initiative Co-Leaders by Claire Gaudiani and Linetta J. Gilbert (frontlinesol.com) 62

  66. live.laugh.love. ... And a Million Reasons to Share the Joy! "A Heart Like No Other" by Rhea (www.rheaongyiu.com) 63

  67. Mindfulbeing, The life you want to live by Michelle De Latour (mindfulbeing.eu) 64

  68. Curiosity killed the judgement by Kylie Mcgirr (kyliemcgirr.com/) 65

  69. The Importance Of Forgiveness, How To Heal by Dana Fillmore, As Seen On Oprah Winfrey Network (strongmarriagenow.com) 66

  70. There are thousands and thousands of these. This is a new section and is under development...


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