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For a world consumed by a Culture of Violence, a Voice of Reason comes as a breath of fresh, positive air. The only hope of transforming the world from the 'tsunami of violence' is for each of us to Become the Change We Wish To See in the World. Bryant McGill shows us the way. — Dr. Arun M. Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Renowned Peace Activist, Journalist, Author. President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

Bryant McGill is a creative innovator and unconventional change agent. He is making a difference in the world through his positive social media presence and global movement with the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace. Bryant is a master of long-range strategy (he had a twenty year plan!) with a powerful story! Bryant is someone to watch. I applaud his commitment to positive change. — Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple Chief Evangelist, Google Advisor and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Bryant McGill is a caring, global citizen with a world-view of confronting the hard issues. Bryant is a dynamic change agent you should know! — Ruth Messinger, President of American Jewish World Service

One of, "the greatest leaders, writers and thinkers of all time." — Inc. Magazine

Bryant McGill's poetry asks the timeless questions and answers them with words that resonate what is deeply true. — Professor Shirley McPhillips, Ph.D., Columbia University, Director of the Teacher's College, Reading and Writing Project

Strong, wonderful words and thoughts! — Michael Douglas, Film Legend & Humanitarian

Beautiful... (Simple Reminders) — Paulo Coelho, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"A rockstar...one of the top influencers in the fields of business, social media, marketing, and personal empowerment." — Nasdaq

"McGill is one of the top social media influencers in the world, with more engagement than Oprah, Lady Gaga, and Tony Robbins combined. Now with a multimillion-dollar media empire, McGill is a dominant force in positive thinking and self-actualization." — Inc Magazine

Thank YOU for the beautiful inspiration. — Valerie Bertinelli, Actress

Bryant McGill, you rule! — Food, Inc., The Movie

A peaceful voice for change in a corrupt world. — Larry Flynt / Hustler Magazine, Publisher and Free Speech Activist. Landmark Supreme Court Case Winner

Bryant's insight is brilliant and life-changing. — Dr. Steve Maraboli, Internationally Acclaimed Behavioral Research Scientist

McGill's Voice of Reason is a brave and compelling call for greater individual consciousness and compassion. It is a bright spotlight on the powerful systems and situations shaping our lives, and the struggle for safety and happiness we all desire. The gentle force of his message clearly seeks to tame cruelty and restore human dignity. The power to create heaven or hell is within each of us. Voice of Reason is an iconoclastic tome of contempt for unjust authoritarianism, with an inspirational silver-lining that gives it all wings. — Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D., New York Times Best Selling Author and Psychologist. Professor Emeritus at, Stanford University. Former President, American Psychological Association. TED Speaker and Expert Witness at Abu Ghraib

One of, "the brightest minds in human history." — Foundation for a Better Life

I deeply appreciate Voice of Reason, Bryant McGill's latest effort to reach out to young people and provide an older man's clear and conscious guidance to a positive way out of our global crisis. As Rumi said, 'There is a field'...Beyond nationalism, beyond warmongering, beyond cynical elders who use our young people as fodder in wars that destroy all but their own short-term financial wealth and power. Beyond all this and into a real power that comes from truth, awareness, love and compassion. — John Breeding, Ph.D., Psychologist, Counselor, Educator and Activist, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Best Selling Author

McGill has written a humanist manifesto through the roseate glasses of agape Christianity, Vishnu Sahasranama and Theravada Buddhism. Critical theorists will be challenged by the proposed consonance between Plato, poststructuralism and Lao-Tzu. Purists be damned! — Constance Stadler, Ph.D., Assoc Professor of Political Science, New York University. Assoc. Professor of Organizational Culture, NYU. Acting Consultant on US-Arab Relations

Bryant McGill's 'Voice of Reason' is an important, timely and groundbreaking work. In it Bryant speaks boldly of love though is not afraid to explore how as a society, culture and as individuals we have strayed from love as a way of life. Voice of Reason is a guide for all of us to change through understanding and a road map for the transformation of our planet through unity. Voice of Reason is a revolutionary treatise which needed to be written. It has the capacity to effect the very fabric of society in both global and personal ways. It comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. Get it, Read it, Be it, Spread it! — David Newman, Acclaimed Musician and Yogi

Bryant...This is so exciting! I am so excited...really...about everything you are doing. God bless you in all you do! — Michael Jackson, The King of Pop

Bryant, I have long been a lover of poetry, because I am also very fond of brevity, and a poem can say so much with just a few words. I enjoy reading your poetry very much. — Ed McMahon, American Entertainer

...splendid ...absolutely breathtaking poetry. — George Plimpton, American Academy of Arts and Letters inductee and founding Editor of the Paris Review

Bryant McGill is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary world overview. He has compassion and common sense, sees the good in all people and is uncommonly kindhearted. In spite of the injustices in the world, Bryant has hope for the future of all mankind. He sees the bright and shining goodness in the core of humanity. Bryant upholds the creed of caring and involvement in humanity's goal for peace and fairness, because he sees the worth in us all, regardless of our race, religion, background, education, or place in the world. It has been one of my great pleasures in life to know this gentle man, who is so full of knowledge and has an unending spark for true justice for all. — Susaye Greene, Former "Supreme's" Singer, Songwriter for Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

Bryant McGill is a major influencer in my life. He has helped me clean-up the dirt and negativity that has been around me, and he possesses the wisdom of the universe. His love for life is apparent in all of his creations. Life is a wonderful gift, and so are friends like Bryant, who work to remind us of the gifts we each have to give. 1Gary Busey, Actor and TBI Activist

[Bryant's dictionary and software package] is a 'must have' for any musician, writer or lyricist! No doubt, there will be statesmen and government copywriters using this program for speech writing - if they aren't already! This software is a 'no-brainer' for inclusion into school programs and as an adjunct tool within the curriculum; it is simple enough to be used at the grade school and high school levels and provides such advanced features that university students will benefit greatly by using it as well! This very well may be the 'killer app.' of the lyrical world and it's FREE! 2Professor Joseph Pisano, Grove City College, Director of Music and Fine Arts Technology & Assistant Chairman of Music and Fine Arts

Highly imaginative poetry! — Jules Archer American Author, Humanitarian and Activist

Bryant, Expressing the admiration and enjoyment I feel from your work is difficult without insulting its true fineness and depth. I would just like to say thank you. Someone that works as hard as you is bound to continue to succeed at whatever you do. — Cher, Beauty & the GEEK 2 Winner

I was touched and moved by your beautiful words. It was a pleasure to stand on the stage with you. Thank you for your beautiful message of hope you delivered here today. — Gerald Levin, CEO Time / Warner, Inc.


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"I live in Austin, Texas with my wife Jenni, and I have three amazing daughters. I am a simple person, who as a boy, ran around barefoot on a dirt-road in Alabama — dreaming of being a writer. I am probably best known as a writer of pithy sayings and small, simple aphorisms which have found their way into tens-of-thousands of publications, including by some of the biggest publishers in the world. I love to inspire people and show them their inner-beauty. I see the world spiritually. My mission is to cause people to consider kinder ways in which we could do business, structure our relationships and treat the world." Bio

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