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  1. Congressional Certificate of Recognition and Commendation — In 2009 McGill received a Congressional Certificate of Recognition and Commendation from the United States House of Representatives, during the 111th Congress, 1st Session in Washington, DC., where McGill was formally acknowledged by the nation's top representatives who applauded McGill's, "highly commendable life's work", and his humanitarian achievements, "as the founder and Goodwill Ambassador at Large to the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace." 1

  2. Mayoral Humanitarian Award from the Mayor of Pompeii, Italy — In 2009 McGill's project received an official mayoral award from the mayor of Pompeii, Italy, and from his Excellency, the honorable Mikael Al Jamil, Archbishop of Lebanon. 2

  3. Official Humanitarian Citation from State of Connecticut — In 2008 McGill was honored by the State of Connecticut, and by dozens of representatives and senators at the State Capitol in Hartford, by way of an official citation from the Connecticut General Assembly in recognition of Founding The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace, saying, "the State of Connecticut offers its sincerest congratulations to Bryant McGill, and affirms your effort and acknowledges your accomplishment. We are indeed grateful for your service and exemplary work. The entire membership extends its very best wishes on this memorable occasion and expresses the hope for continued success. Given this 1st day of October 2008 at the State Capitol, Hartford, Connecticut." 3 4

  4. Mentioned in the 2014 State of the City Address Speech by Mayor Ardell F. Brede. City of Rochester, Minnesota. 5

  5. Mentioned in the 2013 Commencement Speech of Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville/Yonkers, NY 6

  6. Writings featured by the President of Wittenberg University, Laurie Joyner for their "A Day of Respect" — "A Day of Respect," in connection with the Rise Above Campaign, encouraging dialogue on social media. 7

  7. 2012 International Finalist in Ron Howard and Canon's Project Imagination Competition — In 2012 a photo from Bryant's social photojournalism project with the homeless, "Faces of Poverty," was picked by Ron Howard's team as a finalist in Ron and Canon's Project Imagin8ion. The photo was one of 30 selected in the mood category from over one hundred thousand total submissions.

  8. Nobel Peace Prize Nomination — Over 100 people a year are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and receiving a nomination does not confer any official status or title. While it can be very easy to receive a nomination, I am still grateful to those who cared enough to make that wonderful gesture.

  9. Campus Installation at the Renowned Bangkok University — In 2013, Bryant McGill's writings on creativity and freedom were used as part of a campus installation at the renowned Bangkok University. Panadda Unyapho, Ph.D., Director, International Affairs gave Bryant the good news that his words are being used to inspire students as part of their celebration of 50 Years of Creativity. Bangkok University is internationally renowned for its theme of creativity. Bangkok University serves 29,000 students and is known for its stunning architecture and cutting-edge art, design and media programs. "Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty." 8

  10. 100 of the World's Most Extraordinary People — In 2009 McGill was nominated and selected by a board to appear in the book, 100 of the World's Most Extraordinary People along with Tony Lowe, Julian Lennon (John Lennon's son) and the "Juiceman" Jay Kordich.

  11. Tribute to Goodwill Treaty by Patriarchal See of Antioch, Lebanon — In early 2008 McGill's group met in Italy with his Excellency, the honorable Mikael Al Jamil, Archbishop of Lebanon of the Patriarchal See of Antioch, who paid a tribute to the Goodwill Treaty for World Peace, extending an invitation to the Holy See, Vatican.

  12. Torrance California City Council, Inspirational recognizing Frank Lloyd Wright, Bryant McGill and Oscar Wilde — Torrance, California City Council Official Minutes, Commission on Aging, 2010 9

  13. Honorary Pi Kappa Phi Lifetime Inductee — In 2006 McGill was inducted as a lifetime Pi Kappa Phi fraternity brother at Arizona State University

  14. Featured Poet of the Month in Poet's Letter Magazine, London — Mayenin, Munayem, Poet's Letter Magazine. Vol. 1 No. 3. London. May, 2004 ISSN 1744-3776

  15. Biographical References — McGill's biography has been profiled in the 22nd and 23rd editions of Marquis Who's Who in the World, 10 and the 60th and 61st Editions of Who's Who in America 11, the 2005 edition of the Cambridge Blue Book and the 33rd edition of the Dictionary of International Biography published by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England.12


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