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  1. The Dartmouth Review, Dartmouth University — Dartmouth University, The Dartmouth Review, Volume 32 Issue 13 March 13, 2013, Page 12 — (Quoting the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, Bryant H. McGill and Plato) 1

  2. In Touch, Curiosity, a Message from Robert I. Grossman, Dean of NYU Medical Center and School of Medicine — NYU Medical Center and School of Medicine, Faculty Pages of Dean Robert I. Grossman, 2012 — (Referencing the work of Alistair Cooke, Leo Burnett, and Bryant McGill) 2

  3. Thoughts on Forgiveness by Dr. Scott Annin, Professor of Mathematics and Vice Chair of the Department of Mathematics — California State University, Fullerton, Faculty Pages, 2010 — (Published with Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Billy Graham, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Marriane Williamson, Melissa Forbes, Kate Adams and Carol Luebering) 3 4

  4. McGill Essay on Poetic Rhyme in Tools for Analyzing Poetry by Professor Barbara F. McManus — College of New Rochelle, Linguistics, Literature & Poetry, Faculty Pages, July 2003 5

  5. Boston University's PUSTEBLUME Journal of Translation — Boston University, 2010, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature and Romance Studies, (Feature Links)

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  7. Writings featured at Florida State University's Center for Leadership & Civic Education — Florida State University, Center for Leadership & Civic Education, April 19th, 2012 7

  8. On Contemporary and Classical Poets: Carl Sandburg, Henry Wadsworth, Maya Angelou, Bryant McGill, Robert Frost and Whitman — Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Survey, September 2006

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  11. Bryant McGill on the Value of People, Treasures Theme for the The Broward Education Foundation — The Broward Education Foundation, Impact II Edu Program, p.25, 2010 10


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