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I have never submitted my writings for publication anywhere, and they found their own audience over a long and consistent career of writing and publishing on my website. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of the authors who have, and continue, to included my philosophies, writings, quotes, and aphorisms in their books. I feel like it's a real privileged. Similarly, to all of the newspaper editors and article writers who have syndicated my writings in your newspapers and blogs, I am very grateful.Bryant McGill

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Bryant H. McGill

Human Potential Thought Leader ✮ WSJ & USA Today Best-Selling Author ✮ Top Social Media Influencer ✮ UN Appointed Global Champion ✮ 12+ MILLION Social Subscribers ✮ Reaching 50+ Million Weekly ✮ Syndicated on People Magazine & Huffington Post Celebrity ✮ Co-Founder of McGill Media & Simple Reminders, SRN, and the Royal Society

"I live in Austin, Texas with my wife Jenni, and I have three amazing daughters. I am a simple person, who as a boy, ran around barefoot on a dirt-road in Alabama — dreaming of being a writer. I am probably best known as a writer of pithy sayings and small, simple aphorisms which have found their way into tens-of-thousands of publications, including by some of the biggest publishers in the world. I love to inspire people and show them their inner-beauty. I see the world spiritually. My mission is to cause people to consider kinder ways in which we could do business, structure our relationships and treat the world." Bio

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