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  1. surreptitious: done, made, or gotten by stealth; also, marked by stealth.

  2. superannuated: belonging to a superannuation plan; obsolete through age or new technological or intellectual developments.

  3. parsimony: excessive sparingness in the expenditure of money.

  4. sycophant: a servile or abject flatterer; an obsequious person, a toady; a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.

  5. transgenic: an organism whose genome has been altered by the transfer of a gene or genes from another species or breed; in industry they are used to produce a desired substance or quality.

  6. ubiquitous: present, appearing, or found everywhere; omnipresent.

  7. unadulterated: complete, sheer, utter; not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute.

  8. plenipotentiary: invested with full power.

  9. unhomogenized: not having undergone homogenization; not purposefully made to being similar or comparable in kind or nature.

  10. vehemently: esp. of an utterance, very forcibly or passionately expressed; caused by or indicative of strong feeling or excitement; of an action. characterized by or performed with exceptional force or violence.

  11. vicissitude: change or mutability regarded as a natural process or tendency in human affairs; the fact or liability of change occurring in a specified thing or area; an instance of this; changes in circumstances; uncertainties or variations of fortune or outcome.

  12. perfunctory: done routinely. performed mechanically.

  13. visceral: of or relating to the viscera, the visceral nervous system; relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.

  14. iconography: the visual images, symbols or modes of representation collectively associated with a person, cult, or movement; as in the iconography of pop culture.

  15. supererogatory: going beyond what is required or expected; also, superfluous, unnecessary.

  16. apoptosis: programmed cell death

  17. plebeian: common; vulgar.

  18. multifarious: having great diversity or variety.

  19. milieu: environment; setting.

  20. miasma: a thick vaporous atmosphere, often noxious.


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