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Contacting Bryant McGill

For Booking, Permissions and Interviews

For Coaching Click Here / Serious inquiries — contact Jenni Young at booking@bryantmcgill.com

Meet My Amazing Team and Advisors!

Jenni Young
Business Manager (Partner)
Los Angeles
Kenneth Chong
Business Development (Partner)
Singapore / Europe
Marlo Badenhorst
Business Advisor
South Africa / United States
Owen Cotter
Business Dev / Fundraising
Los Angeles / Gulf Coast
Batya Maman
Social Media Advisor
Naples Florida
Casar Jacobson
Business Development
Canada / United States
Susaye Greene
Personal / Business Advisor
Los Angeles
Francisco Pinochet
Fundraising / Business Dev
Gulf Coast / República de Chile
Susan Young
Media Advisor / DP
Atlanta / Los Angeles
Pat Parkinson
Media / SM Advisor
San Francisco / United States
Adam King
Int'l Finance / Business Advisor
Beverly Hills / Israel


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