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Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Overcome Difficulties

From an Inc. Magazine Interview Jenni Young and I founded Simple Reminders in 2010 in Hollywood, as a way to share our love for each other, and our passion for life and creativity with the world. I was an established author and technologist, and Jenni was a film producer and photographer. For us, entrepreneurship is a place where imagination and creativity become meaningful forms of value in our lives, and in the lives of others. We have learned that life and the marketplace deeply favor value and good intentions. Through our earnest desire to create value, our brand emerged as one of the highest engagement social media successes in the world, eclipsing more well-known titan brands with billions in revenue. Several times a year we even peak as the #1 most visible and engaged social media...

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Lead is a national time bomb in the water supply

This problem is not exclusive to Flint, but rather, it is just one example of America's crumbling infrastructure. 65,000 bridges in the U.S. are in need of repair, and 75% of U.S. nuclear sites have radioactive leaks. Yet, as frightening as those examples are, nothing is more intimately upsetting to a parent, than the idea of their children being slowly poisoned in their own homes, by the very hands that serve them. Lead is a national time bomb in the water supply, not just in Flint, but in cities across the country, and governors everywhere need to address this issue. Thankfully, the media is focusing on Flint and bringing about awareness. This is the epic battle between the governed and those who govern. While deeply upsetting, the dialogue is a beautiful example of activism, free...

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Broken people often demand from others, what they cannot summon from within

Uneasiness and suffering spills out on everyone around the wounded soul who cannot see themselves. What they have not observed, accepted, and healed within themselves infects everyone they meet. Their instability shakes every encounter with uneasiness. Their desperate longing for meaningful contact and peace, is steadily amplified by their unconscious and ill-mannered quarks of petty drama, or neglect. Broken people often demand from others, what they cannot summon from within. Many wounded people who cannot be at peace with themselves, force the people around them to walk on eggshells to create the illusion of calm they demand. The cost of their feigned composure of phony harmony, is your peaceful state of mind. Their state of ease in a room, is only equal to everyone else's state of...

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Sometimes letting go is the only way to survive

Some people love to relive their pain; they are perpetual victims — self-abusing, emotional-drama junkies. They are always fanning into flames every little spark. Some people are addicted to the trauma of the drama; their raison d'etre is the daily struggle against their own created turmoil. The struggle in life is their stagecraft, where the people around them become unwitting performers in their dramatic scenes. Crisis is their sensation of being alive; spectacle is their excitement and proof of life. In absence of true passion and purpose, some people engage in the dark surrogate of petty commotion and drama. These people do not want to let go and move on, because they need to struggle and destroy, to live. Blame is their getaway vehicle they use to flee the scenes of their emotional...

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Everyone goes through hell, but not everyone stays there

Everyone goes through hell, but not everyone stays there. Stop tormenting yourself by reliving the pain over and over. Good people go through terrible things, but wise people know when and how to let it go. We all know that wisdom does not come easy, it often comes from painful experience. Many of us are very unwise in how we handle our pain. Like an animal that struggles in a steel trap, we worsen our wounds the way we struggle, deny, and fight against what simply, is. When we refuse to learn the wisdom of acceptance, we become our own tormentors. When we refuse to let go we suffer, yet we cannot let go of something until it has taught us what we need to learn. Letting go is a process of recognition, confrontation, acceptance, and healing. Letting go simply means not suffering any more...

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Prose: Various Thoughts

The grand estate, is a state of mind Humble flower — no magnate, president, or king, was ever appointed with such authority as thee. How many mighty souls have knelt in submission, before the grand estate, of your delicate blossoms? Kings will stop and bow down, to look upon the greater majesty, of a simple flower. The flower rules supreme, not by force, but through the victory of beauty. The flower's beauty goes not unrequited, as its lovers and attendants serve their glorious beloved. The grand estate, is a state of mind; gifted through acceptance of your endowment. Your life can be lived in grace and ease, as you surrender to the beauty, of bringing grace and ease to others. Your care and love will not go unrequited. We are here to be loving attendants to our beloved fellow human...

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Live your true purpose and share your unique gifts with the world

When you are not on your path of purpose, you are sure to be miserable. You have a great responsibility to become the full expression of your true self, and to rise to the full measure of your unique potential. Every soul has a gift and greater purpose. When we suppress our desire to be true to our greater purpose in life, we can become depressed, and over time, we may even become physically ill. To deny the course of our own nature is a crime against our own humanity. Imagine a world where all the great achievers: artists, musicians, inventors, scientists, healers, and dreamers, never took the first step toward their dreams! The whole world would have been deprived. Don't deprive the world of your contributions. Live your life with worthy pursuits that are to the benefit of all people...

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If your life is not a love story then you are not living the life meant for you

The greatest success is to have a lightness in your heart, and to be completely at ease and comfortable by being exactly what you were created to be; your own unique and beautiful expression of the divine. The respect of intelligent people does not matter at all, neither does the appreciation of honest critics. Betrayal of false friends, criticisms, and all societal markers of so-called success are meaningless. When laying on your deathbed you will care very little what critics had to say, how much money you had in the bank, what type of car you drove, or, whether so-called smart and intelligent people respected you. "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." — E.E. Cummings Who you are is unique to all other consciousnesses that have ever lived on earth,...

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Getting over money blocks and worthiness issues

There is no nobility in poverty; that is to say there are beautiful people who are poor, but being poor does not necessarily make you beautiful. There is no sense in relishing in poverty. We serve no purpose by being small, and we can best help others from a position of strength; not weakness. Take a vow of total abundance. Declare that you believe in balance, and therefore, full spectrum inner and outer (spiritual and worldly) wealth and empowerment, also known as freedom. The lie that you can't make money doing what you love is just a projection of your self-accepted unworthiness. We are all worthy of abundance. The great Earth is abundant, and we are its stewards; endless wealth is ours. We have the wealth of the universe; it's all accessible, but you have to claim the abundance. You...

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Be patient with the seasons of life and with yourself

Sometimes, right when you think your life is getting better, everything falls to pieces, and you end-up right back where you started. In those moments just remember, that right when your life has fallen apart, something unexpected will come along; a new person, friend, opportunity or discovery, that will help you put the pieces back together again. Don't hold together what must fall apart. The familiar life crumbles so the new life can begin. Things may be different, but you will love your life again in time. You cannot fast-forward your life to just the good parts. Just like you cannot force a garden to grow faster — your life is a similar cultivation with similar seasons. No matter how badly you want the harvest of your dreams, it is not coming the second you make the wish. Immediate...

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