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Strategy Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring

My practice is about real change. I specialize in the impossible. I often feel more like an exorcist than a coach, because I do direct battle people's inner-demons of fear, doubt and negativity. I am relentless and can fill your sails with the spirit of possibility you need to succeed. My practice is spiritual. I mostly work with high net-worth and high-profile individuals: top-celebrities, directors, pro athletes, CEOs, politicians and other life coaches. I have provided strategy for Emmy award winners, tech entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, multi-platinum musicians, congressional candidates and senior executives with sales of 20 million dollars or more.

Individual Strategy Coaching: Obliterate Your Obstacles

I generally work with five types of clients:

  1. brilliant, top-creative achievers; people who often have extreme challenges, dysfunction and volatility
  2. senior executives and senior sales leaders looking to reconnect with their passion
  3. people who are very successful in life but who have poor health and weight problems
  4. people at the end of their rope; often the adult children of wealthy families
  5. people who know they have not lived-up to their potential, and who are looking to radically transform their lives into their own personal "Rocky" story!

Senior Executive Strategy Coaching

Not so surprisingly, top executives can have a lot of difficulty reaching out for guidance and receiving it if they do reach out. Executives can very easily begin to feel isolated by their tremendous performance pressures and lose their edge and passion. As a leadership coach I commonly work with senior sales executives and CEO's with average sales in the 20 million dollar range. I bring an unconventional and fresh approach to the table. Much of traditional executive coaching can be superficial and lacking the authenticity necessary to bring about real breakthroughs. There can be a lot of guardedness, posturing and ego in play. It is hard for many leaders to be vulnerable and express their real concerns so they can get real feedback

...real transformation requires real honesty.

But, real transformation requires real honesty. I am able to excavate candid and empowering discussions, where I add my unique experience and methodology to the discussion. If necessary, a significant portion of our discussions may be dedicated to health and wellness. Let's face it — if you don't feel well you can't perform well. How can you be a clear-eyed visionary leader when your body and mind are in a fog of deteriorating health? Poor health can slowly change you from a corporate asset to a corporate liability. My Life, Health and Wealth philosophies can help to bring balance and strength back into the your leadership equation.

Health, Wellness and Weight-loss Coaching

If you have it all — money, success, family, friends — but your health is failing, then now is the time to invest in you. Your personal health is your greatest possession; the most significant foundation of any future you will have. Your health is a long-range investment that will pay-off when you need it most. Make your body your prized possession above all physical things. Spare no expense, re-prioritize and invest in your health.

I know intimately the deep struggles and perseverance it takes to reclaim your health, because I have been there. This is not theoretical for me. I have personally lost over 100 pounds and shrank my waist from a size 48/50" to 30". I freed myself from all medications and healed all of my dis-eases: extreme obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, bad cholesterol, extreme acid reflux, candida, stiffness, glaucoma, arthritis, bursitis, knee and joint pain, gout, angina, insomnia, breathlessness, fatigue, chronic back problems, post nasal drip and sleep apnea. I believe I have extended my life by decades, reversing my heart condition, and clearing my arteries. I healed myself with totally natural methods, and I now have the energy, vitality, stamina and flexibility of a healthy twenty-year old.

What one person can do, another can do. You can reclaim your life and get back on track to becoming your full potential. It is never too late to love yourself again.

What one person can do, another can do. You can reclaim your life and get back on track to becoming your full potential. It is never too late to love yourself again. Don't give up. You can accomplish almost anything, if you really want it. Let me be your proof that it is possible. Start educating yourself and learn how to take proper care of yourself through self-love. I will be here to support you with the best information I can provide, to help you on your journey. The unification of the mind, spirit and body is the triad of focus that gives one the clarity and resolve to deliver. I have used these, and many other techniques to completely transform my body and my life. My strength, vitality and health are important parts of my secret to how I live a life of activity, exploration and creative excellence. And now, it's your turn!

Social Media and Marketing Consulting & Author Coaching

As a social media expert, I have been the front-page cover story of the WALL STREET JOURNAL — have been called, "a master of long-range strategy" by marketing guru Guy Kawasaki, and publicly acknowledged by Klout as being one of the top 0.1% of their users in world-wide social media. My writings are some of the all-time most shared posts on Facebook and social media. I am a former engineer from Borland International and a Chief Technology Officer, and I have been working with digital telecommunications and content delivery since I was 10 years old when I ran and developed electronic bulletin board systems. As a CTO I have had to sit at the intersection of design and engineering and lead by example. I know full-spectrum technology as an engineer, programmer and graphics designer, and I understand the full picture down to the last bit, byte and pixel. For me, social media coaching is not theory, as I have used social media to build real prosperity. I can help you build a long-range legacy for your meaningful body of work.

Learn more about my philosophies regarding marketing and social media:

As a positive psychology and marketing authority, my philosophies have been quoted in hundreds of books, including three books by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and in professional peer-reviewed marketing journals.

Let My Experience Work for You

Many of my clients don't have serious life-challenges but are rather looking to advance their ideas, projects and passions. If you are starting a new business, or you are getting started in life and you want to save yourself many years of avoidable mistakes, then let's talk. Let my experience and innovation work for you to build a comprehensive and real strategy to get you where you want to go in life. I am the ultimate believer in the underdog, and I know that in every person there is a beautiful and deserving soul waiting to be set free. If these words speak to you, then let's get started.

"Difficult" Strong Personalities?

I have a special affinity for working with "tough-cases" people who seem hopeless. In many cases, it is a wealthy parent who contacts me about their adult child. Spoiled trust-fund babies, who have never had any consequences in life can have some of the biggest challenges. Many of these people are highly intelligent and manipulative, and they have very dysfunctional lives. Their parents are constantly bailing them out of trouble and pulling them from the sewer, only to have them fall-back into their habits over and over again. In many cases they have constant problems with the law, drugs and are on numerous anti-psychotic medications. Even worse, they have no passion, zest or reason to live. Sometimes they just lack direction.

I am 100% immune to excuses and offer fearless, "Non-Suckup" advice to help you clean-up the dirt and negativity in your life. I have seen it all and I have heard it all. I have worked with the biggest troublemakers in Hollywood, people you certainly have repeatedly seen in the news and tabloids. I have made astounding progress with people who psychologists and parents had given-up on after decades of failure. In some cases I have been the the last-ditch effort before clients were to be sent to mental institutions or assisted living, and together, we have had profound life breakthroughs and recoveries.

I am 100% immune to excuses and offer fearless, "Non-Suckup" advice to help you clean-up the dirt and negativity in your life.

I have outstanding references from both parents and the adult-children I have helped. I have worked with clients from a few sessions, to a few months and even seven years or more. My clients show radical and obvious signs of progress from losing 150lbs, freeing themselves from heroin, cocaine and alcohol, becoming productive and re-establishing their relationships with spouses and families.

My gift is strategy; getting from point a to point b. I know how to zero-in on the problems and cut-through to the heart of the issues like a laser. I understand the challenges, pitfalls and pressures of extreme success, and I come to the table without judgements and with full confidentiality. I work with my clients to keep them on a positive growth path, by weaving together my unique insider skill-set of strategic thinking and spiritual advancement that considers all of the political elements of life at the top.

I have experience with weight-loss, health, crisis management, career and life turn-arounds, internal team negativity and drama, controlling management, substance addictions and extreme stress.

Relationship Coaching

Jenni Young and I work together as a team in last-ditch interventions to save your relationship. If your relationship is on the rocks give us a chance. This can involve private advice and opinions with one party, mediating disputes, helping you communicate and be understood, or pointing you to appropriate therapists if needed. We have worked with chemical addictions, infidelity, low self-esteem and poorly matched couples who we were able to aid in peaceful separation.

Power-Couple Coaching

If you want more one-on-one attention than our PowerCouple Workshops can offer, then Jenni and I will work with you personally. Have you dreamed of having a perfect partner in life? Have you wanted a relationship where you work as a cohesive team; a fine-tuned duo who live with daily joy and intimacy? Nothing is as powerful as a couple (two independent, healthy positive people) in harmony and alignment with a shared vision and mission. Let us help you reach the next level in the way that only true power-couples can. If you are looking for your life-partner and have not found them yet, let us help you attract the right person, which can only be accomplished by BEING the right person.

Coach the Coach Strategy Sessions

For coaches who want me to show them how I created an incredible top-billing coaching businesses. Book a session and I will help you develop a long-range plan.

Strategy Session Pricing

  • $8000 per session. Over phone or in-person. A session can last from one to eight hours. (Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs)

"Seeing is believing. Where every other coach and therapist failed, Bryant McGill delivered and changed my life!"

"Seeing is believing. Where every other coach and therapist failed, Bryant McGill delivered and changed my life! For years and years I struggled to lose weight and eventually got to the belief that for the rest of my life I would have to endure the deep pain, suffering and embarrassment my weight caused me daily. Then I met an amazing spiritual coach and life strategist, Bryant McGill. Out of no where I was given the gift of this amazing teacher who knew exactly how I felt and everything I needed to do to change my life. Bryant’s support and knowledge helped me to persevere when times were tough and he believed in me when I had major doubt in myself. He gave me the tools to not give up and today with his help I have have lost over 150 pounds. I would never go back to my old ways, the new me is more aware, grateful and energized to live life to the fullest! I only recommend Bryant if you are SERIOUS about changing your life and not just losing weight. He can be tough (like a cross between Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama) but it comes with loving support and most importantly results that last. I am grateful to Bryant that I am alive and healthy. I am available anytime for a reference if needed." — Owen Cotter

Recent Accomplishments

  • With 5 one hour calls I was able to help a celebrity TV personality develop a strategy to successfully land a major book publishing deal and a ghostwriter.
  • Developed a life-plan to help a prominent CEO regain their passion and resolve a value conflict with the company they worked for so they could return to providing the leadership the company needed.
  • Helped a prominent health expert survive the stress of a 10 million dollar lawsuit and was their life-line of sanity.
  • I was able to help a recent client cut through old, negative thinking-patters and terminate a very unhealthy relationship.
  • Gave a very successful iOS development company's CEO strategies for creating an amazing company culture for his newly funded project. He successfully implemented many of my ideas.
  • Have helped numerous CEO's with personal problems ranging from relationships, weight-loss and stress management.
  • In eight sessions I was able to reach a destructive 19 year old on behalf of their parents. The young man had a complete turn-around in his life.
  • Helped a client land their dream job with a specific company after being blocked by upper management and told it was never going to happen. The person was under-qualified but by using my strategy they were hired, even though the upper management continued to try to block the hire. It took 9 months to secure the employment.
  • I helped a recent client interview five psychologists and find a perfect match.
  • In three calls I helped a small business owner develop a 2.5 year plan for a shoe-string social launch of their brand.
  • I was able to help a client focus-in and cultivate the right mindset to get out of her bad relationship and find a better match.
  • In one session I was able to obliterate irrational fears in a young man who had never tasted one vegetable in his life and claimed he never would. That night he ate vegetables and has been eating healthy ever since.
  • Helped a client recover her relationship with her finance after he broke-up "without reason" and vanished.
  • I was able to use my extensive network combined with my strategy to help a client interface with diplomatic connections for the successful release of humanitarian supplies which had been improperly held in customs for six months.
  • In four calls I was able to create a strategy to help two people obtain their verified twitter status in under one year.
  • Helped a client develop a strategy to obtain direct access to A-List celebrity endorsements bypassing all agents, gatekeepers and excessive fees.
  • Helped a family with a self-destructive daughter who was going to be put in assisted living. After one year of coaching and coordinating with her therapist she was able to enroll in school and is now living on her own.
  • Through ongoing sessions I was able to help a young man lose over 150 lbs and regain his health.
  • Was able to mediate over phone-calls and provide post-call analysis for a brewing feud between business partners and was able to guide them away from a legal entanglement which could have been catastrophic.
  • Helped a personality increase their Klout score by 14 points in 30 days.
  • Aided a client in a TV career turnaround and through several management turnovers — all mostly their fault and involving substance abuse.
  • A world recognized professional poker player had a sponsor who was not paying them the money they were owed. With 2 one-hour calls I was able to developed a simple strategy which had the $15K released and paid in-hand in 5 days.
  • A company ripped-off a woman for $6K by misrepresenting services and would not budge on refunding her. Using my strategy, with one call she was able to avoid attorneys and get a full refund.
  • A sitting politician needed paperwork to move through a government department quickly but they had shut him down. With three strategy calls we were able to bypass the normal waiting period and accomplish the objective.
  • A builder was having trouble getting their building permit due to personality difficulties. I guided the builder into a strategy that got his sign-off in one week after having failed for 7 months.

$8000 per session. Over phone or in-person. A session can last from one to eight hours. (Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs)

My life attached to a phone as a strategist. :) I take calls from clients wherever I am as I travel. I am always a call away and ready to engage your problems with the full force of my highest capabilities.

"Bryant is a master of long-range strategy...: Bryant McGill is a creative innovator and unconventional change agent. He is making a difference in the world through his positive social media presence. Bryant is a master of long-range strategy with a powerful story. I applaud his commitment to positive change." — Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple Chief Evangelist, Google Advisor and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"Bryant was not only able to take a call with me within hours of requesting it, but he also helped me address feelings I've been struggling with. He's worth every penny and more!" —Iman Jalali, Entrepreneur. President of Inc. Magazine's “Fastest Growing Companies In America” list five years in a row. Contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The NY Post, Crain’s Business, Inc., Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.

Bryant McGill is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary world overview. He has compassion and common sense, sees the good in all people and is uncommonly kindhearted. In spite of the injustices in the world, Bryant has hope for the future of all mankind. He sees the bright and shining goodness in the core of humanity.

When people decide that the outcome of humanity is worth caring about, a decision of commitment is taken in their lives. Bryant upholds the creed of caring and involvement in humanity's goal for peace and fairness, because he sees the worth in us all, regardless of our race, religion, background, education, or place in the world.

It has been one of my great pleasures in life to know this gentle man, who is so full of knowledge and has an unending spark for true justice for all.

—Susaye Greene, Academy Award Winning Performer and Former "Supreme". Songwriter for Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

"I want to offer the unique perspective of Bryant's life partner. For four years I have watched Bryant conduct himself with total integrity. I have seen him give his heart and brilliance to his clients. The depth of his genius takes years of study to fully comprehend. I have seen him constantly work literal miracles in the lives of others, and not just his paying clients, but the many people he helps as a part of his service. One of the things that impresses me the most is Bryant is uncommonly generous and kind on the streets with strangers. He treats a homeless person the same way he treats a diplomat. He is a daily good Samaritan who always gives so much more than he takes. Together we have total openness, honesty, respect and love." —Jenni Young

"Seeing is believing. Where every other coach and therapist failed, Bryant McGill delivered and changed my life!" — Owen Cotter

"Coaching with Bryant McGill has strengthened my current triumphs, future endeavors, and ongoing transitions. The win of my Miss Canada title along with the conviction, distinction, and spirituality that Bryant’s mentoring provides has expanded my future canvas with vivid possibilities. He is my secret weapon and someone I will be able to continually emulate." — Casar Jacobson, Miss Canada

"Your first call with Bryant will be memorable. A lot of trainers can help you manifest your own destiny and attract success into your life - but Bryant relates it to tech startups in a way that most life coaches can not. Having invaluable experience as a CTO and running very large teams of engineers makes Bryant the perfect coach for a tech startup founder looking for 4th dimensional thinking while still keeping one foot in reality ;) I look forward to more calls with Bryant to create a legacy." —Brad Mills, Tech Entrepreneur & co-Founded Slightly Social

"Bryant McGill is a one of a kind master teacher. He is a rare breed and I am very fortunate to have him as a mentor. He is such a loving and brilliant leader of people who shares the best of himself for the betterment of all. He has been a constant and reliable source of support in my demanding career and in my personal life. There is a reason he is practically a national treasure. You will not do better than Bryant McGill." — Natassia Malthe, Actress, Model and Ballet Dancer

Testimonials Sourced from Linked In and Clarity

"Your first call with Bryant will be memorable ... 4th dimensional thinking while still keeping one foot in reality."

"His business acumen, and attributes as a human being are solid gold and he is highly respected, and rightly so, on an international scale."

"He is every definition of a Creative Visionary; brilliant beyond measure and a powerhouse..."

"commands traits that combine in a synergistic way that is exceedingly rare, and at times, almost superhuman."

"an asset no company should do without."

"an inspirational, gifted individual and creative dynamo - as artistic as he is technical."

"talent for brainstorming, troubleshooting and has an immense skill for bringing things and people together."

"a passionate individual who can make anything happen."

"an astounding individual."

"knowledgeable about a tremendous range of topics, and I always find our conversations fascinating."

"Bryant is a pure powerhouse...highly energized, being able to multi-task on several projects simultaneously."

"With Bryant, your life WILL change."

Other Testimonials

"an extraordinary man with an extraordinary world overview."

"He is off the charts and a clear multiple intelligences genius. He rocked my world."

"...like talking with an alien from another planet. He destroyed my fear and set me free."

"...one of the most unusual people I have ever encountered. You will not forget the experience. Invaluable!"

"with his help I have have lost over 150 pounds."

"sees the good in all people and is uncommonly kindhearted."

"has an extraordinary gift for inspiring and motivating others."

"a shining example of the qualities of mindfulness, pure integrity and unconditional love."

"awesome creativity and his gift for clear, direct communication, mark him out as a remarkable human."

"It would be easy to recant his many laudable attributes, instead one thing comes to mind; Bryant McGill possesses the Buddha nature."

"There are none better qualified than Bryant to guide you to a richer, more fulfilled life."

"exudes all of the exemplary qualities one would expect of a man of his intelligence and vision."

"unique ability to unite people through his uncanny sense of optimism and courage, forming creative alliances with people of diverse cultures, with brilliance and grace."


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