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Simple Reminders

Encouragement, Positivity & Life Changing Strategy

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LIVE CALL-IN: 310-486-9494 — A ministry of the heart. Together, let's explore the creation of an inner-platform of success encompassing spiritual, psychological, intellectual and physical balance. These programs are perfect for anyone wanting to grow and live their life to its fullest. Success means different things to different people. Our talks explore the meaning and cultivation of success: happiness, relationships, health, inner-peace, healing, recovery, business, leadership, marketing, and modern entrepreneurship for authors, consultants, social media drivers and experts who want to build their brand online.

What is success for an individual? What is success for a society? How do we attain success? How can we thrive in modern life? Let's discuss it together in a balanced and sane exploration of success in all its dimensions.

Be a part of a meaningful dialogue and learn the priceless skills you need to elevate your life and the world. Acquire the breakthrough skills and mindset to make your dreams a reality! Breakthrough your limiting beliefs with spiritual, emotional and technical skill-power!

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Mentoring #life #health #wealth Sunday Gratitude — A love lifestyle

Mentoring #life #health #wealth Sunday Gratitude. #motivation "A love lifestyle" is the basis of true #Entrepreneurship and living the dream!

Posted by Bryant McGill on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bryant McGill — Creativity & Entrepreneurship is an Expression of Inner Wealth.

Posted by Bryant McGill on Thursday, August 13, 2015

SimpleRemindersBook.com - #mentoring #life #health #wealth — I need your help with my next book ideas...

Posted by Bryant McGill on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Social Entrepreneurship: Turning Your Dreams into Realities

The mental and spiritual toolset needed for success

I have learned a tremendous amount about the mental and spiritual toolset needed for success. I do not believe in achieving success at any or all costs, and I am on record as an ardent proponent of deep reforms in the way we do business. I do not believe in "get rich quick" schemes, or in blood-thirsty competition. I am very much into socially responsible leadership, corporate responsibility and personal integrity. It is my earnest desire to help you in your quest to attain your own personal version of success. I know my experience, long-suffering and victories will help you tremendously and I am delighted to be of service!

Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life. When you help others the help you need arrives. Every meaningful success I have accomplished was made possible by love.

  1. A balanced and sane exploration of success in all its dimensions.
  2. Creating a life that is more meaningful, sustainable and socially responsible
  3. Nuanced exploration of the mindset needed for success. Negativity Judo.
  4. Priceless training for making the transition from a job, to your dream.
  5. Modern entrepreneur training with some ancient wisdom mixed-in
  6. Great for anyone and especially for authors, consultants, social media drivers and experts who want to build their brand online
  7. On-line audio and video and material archive available anytime anywhere
  8. Honest marketing philosophy — nothing "scammy", dishonest or gimmicky

We are full-time, freedom-loving entrepreneurs. Jenni and I met in Hollywood and we started our journey of love together.

We are both spiritual people who are into healthy eating, media, photography, writing, social entrepreneurship and travel.

LIVE CALL-IN: 310-486-9494

"Bryant is a master of long-range strategy...: Bryant McGill is a creative innovator and unconventional change agent. He is making a difference in the world through his positive social media presence. Bryant is a master of long-range strategy with a powerful story. I applaud his commitment to positive change." — Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple Chief Evangelist, Google Advisor and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"Bryant was not only able to take a call with me within hours of requesting it, but he also helped me address feelings I've been struggling with. He's worth every penny and more!" —Iman Jalali, Entrepreneur. President of Inc. Magazine's “Fastest Growing Companies In America” list five years in a row. Contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The NY Post, Crain’s Business, Inc., Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.

Bryant McGill is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary world overview. He has compassion and common sense, sees the good in all people and is uncommonly kindhearted. In spite of the injustices in the world, Bryant has hope for the future of all mankind. He sees the bright and shining goodness in the core of humanity.

When people decide that the outcome of humanity is worth caring about, a decision of commitment is taken in their lives. Bryant upholds the creed of caring and involvement in humanity's goal for peace and fairness, because he sees the worth in us all, regardless of our race, religion, background, education, or place in the world.

It has been one of my great pleasures in life to know this gentle man, who is so full of knowledge and has an unending spark for true justice for all.

—Susaye Greene, Academy Award Winning Performer and Former "Supreme". Songwriter for Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

"I want to offer the unique perspective of Bryant's life partner. For over five years I have watched Bryant conduct himself with total integrity. I have seen him give his heart and brilliance to his clients. The depth of his genius takes years of study to fully comprehend. I have seen him constantly work literal miracles in the lives of others, and not just his paying clients, but the many people he helps as a part of his service. One of the things that impresses me the most is Bryant is uncommonly generous and kind on the streets with strangers. He treats a homeless person the same way he treats a diplomat. He is a daily good Samaritan who always gives so much more than he takes. Together we have total openness, honesty, respect and love." —Jenni Young

"Coaching with Bryant McGill has strengthened my current triumphs, future endeavors, and ongoing transitions. The win of my Miss Canada title along with the conviction, distinction, and spirituality that Bryant’s mentoring provides has expanded my future canvas with vivid possibilities. He is my secret weapon and someone I will be able to continually emulate." — Casar Jacobson, Miss Canada

"Your first call with Bryant will be memorable. A lot of trainers can help you manifest your own destiny and attract success into your life - but Bryant relates it to tech startups in a way that most life coaches can not. Having invaluable experience as a CTO and running very large teams of engineers makes Bryant the perfect coach for a tech startup founder looking for 4th dimensional thinking while still keeping one foot in reality ;) I look forward to more calls with Bryant to create a legacy." —Brad Mills, Tech Entrepreneur & co-Founded Slightly Social

"Bryant McGill is a one of a kind master teacher. He is a rare breed and I am very fortunate to have him as a mentor. He is such a loving and brilliant leader of people who shares the best of himself for the betterment of all. He has been a constant and reliable source of support in my demanding career and in my personal life. There is a reason he is practically a national treasure. You will not do better than Bryant McGill." — Natassia Malthe, Actress, Model and Ballet Dancer


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