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How to achieve true success in a difficult world

"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" — Matthew 16:26 We need to be constantly reevaluating what success means. Most so-called success in the world is slavery. The trappings of success often bring the opposite of success, at least in the ways most meaningful to people's lives. Beware! Success is not what you think it is. It's often a trap. You have been programmed from birth into a sick construct of competitive violence. Most success by your likely definition will lead to the destruction of your individuality and your inner-beings grand potential. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being successful and we should have abundance and success in our lives. But, we must possess the inner maturity to handle success;...

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Do you want to be heard and understood?

Do you want to be heard and understood? Do you want to be touched and moved? Do you want people to listen to you, to see you, and recognize that within you, which is uniquely yours? Well, people will deliver those experiences to you, at a level, nearly always significantly less, than you cater those experiences for others. And, through the law of averages, or call it karma if you like, we all get pretty close to the deal we strike with life, and with each-other. We receive attention to the degree we pay attention. If things have not worked out, don't worry, the contract is not final, and there is still time to make it worse — or perhaps better. Life is a grand barter. Everything is a relationship, and everything is negotiable. Through greater awareness, your super-relationship, which is...

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If resisting has failed and frustrated you

If resisting has failed and frustrated you, try to accept what is. As hard as it is to believe, acceptance can open different opportunities for change than resistance. If you resist life, it will refuse you — but if you surrender, the world will give you everything it has to offer. Resisting is not the posture of receivership. Surrender is a state of readiness, awareness, and listening, which says you are ready to hear the transmission and receive. It's all about listening. The observer effect which is well established, means an observer may, through the act of observation, change the nature of that which they observe. This is how listening works with life, and with relationships — through your so-called psychology, and through theirs. The more you listen, the more they change....

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Awareness is power. The greater your awareness; the greater your power.

Becoming more aware is the most practical form of enlightenment. Awareness is the carrier of opportunity. What is missing from your life, is often only what you cannot perceive enough to realize. Herein, is a new perspective on problems stemming from, "shortsightedness." Let's make a distinction between "overlooked, missed-it, or, forgot" — and not having the eyes, or the awareness, to see in the first place. There is so much there for you, at the far-peripheral of your vision. This even includes how you see, and appraise yourself, along with how you see others. Real vision is about awareness. The solution to nearly every problem in the world comes down to greater awareness, because when you are aware, you can see more — the bigger picture. Our problems don't exist...

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I'd rather you impress me, than love me.

I'd rather you impress me, than love me. I'd rather you be strong in your own opinions, than yield to mine for approval. We should delight in people's lives being full of impressive accomplishments, precisely because we do love and care about them. We should be proud of people having their own opinions, even when those opinions differ from our own, because real love wants every person to be independent, strong, and confident. When we really care for people's development and wellbeing, our admiration of their impressive accomplishments feels even more deeply satisfying, than their admiration of our own opinions and accomplishments. One of the most powerful and practical forms of unconditional love, is being impressed — with those whom we disagree, and even more so, with those we know may...

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Memorial Day Message

If you have a political axe to grind, today is the day to set it down. Don't confuse politics, with considering the profound loss of human life. It's not about how great the nation is; it is about what those souls lost. It doesn't matter if they were valiant volunteers, or reluctant and draft coerced. It isn't about bravery either — in those circumstances, shuddering in fear is just as honorable. It's about what you have today, which those who served and sacrificed, would never have again — life. So think about it a little today; somewhere in-between the flag-waiving, sports, beer, and barbecues — take a moment, to imagine how many real people, just like you, would never again experience such joyful times. So enjoy it for them. Have a great meal and good-times with those you love....

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The monstrous reactive mind, and practical enlightenment

There is a difference between having a reaction, and using a reaction. Unconscious reactivity is a form of low self-awareness — even more dangerous than low self-esteem. Being aware of personal deficits is empowering, compared to no awareness at all, as to why life seems to grant one little favor. Life favors awareness; awareness of every sense and dimension, for through awareness comes choice. Unconscious reactivity makes your choices for you, leaving you feeling bullied by life, and powerless. Reactivity is how 'gluttons for punishment' are held prisoners by their own thoughtlessness. Being oblivious to your own reactivity is unrefined and gluttonous — it's appetite for gobbling up your opportunities has no end. The reactive mind is a monster; it is the feral reflex of animal...

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Without self-realization you are only a mirror of society, which is to say, a mirror of madness

In the same way every animal finds its way into a trap, people sure-footedly step toward normalcy to survive. The opposite of self-realization is being realized, or made real, by the standards of outside force or influence. If you are not creating yourself, then an imposed 'self,' is being created for you. When you are not building yourself as the creator of your own life, you are being built, into the image and likeness of your cultural creator. Without individuation, your identity is the collective. Common, conventional, mainstream, and normal — these are the states of the aborted individual; the unborn in mind, faculty, awareness, and self-knowledge. They are commonly called sleepwalkers, zombies, the status quo, and the masses, but in reality, it is each of us to one degree or...

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Rule followers are merciless rule enforcers

Rule followers are merciless rule enforcers; they are the vicious administrators of the status quo. Rule followers commonly derive their sense of superiority from following and enforcing convention, and from being right — they delight in prosecuting you with their piety and judgements. It is often the most responsible, sensible, reliable, and dependable people, who will viciously destroy your dreams and the greatness within you. Many rule followers desperately want to be normal; the more desperate they are, the more they want to enforce their version of normal upon you. They are not actually fighting you, they are fighting themselves. They are fighting their fears against your peace. What they fear most, is who they are beneath the camouflage of normal. The covered wreckage and half...

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All your pain from your past, has already served you

No matter what you lost, or how you were hurt, there is no future for you in your painful memories. The past may have given you awareness, but it is not awareness. The past is real, but it is as ephemeral, and as unreal, and as unreachable, as any other illusion. Memories are illusions; echoes of the past. Memories can be a form of false consciousness; a place one lives to avoid living. As your past emerges in your mind, you vanish in the present. If you are not careful, your memories can imprison you. You must stop thinking about what you wish to repair from the past. You cannot heal memories, you can only heal yourself in the present. All your pain from your past, has already served you. Keep the lessons of your pain, but not the memories of your pain. Let it all go.

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