6 Mental Safeguards for Winning the War Against Negativity

### 1. Connect with truth, not falsity +Instead of connecting with falsity; connect with truth — your truth. Reach deep within, and reconnect with the essence of your being. Separate yourself from the lies and illusions which are not you. ### 2. Discover what you are, by understanding what you aren’t +You are not your … See More...

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Jackie Wilushewski
Connecting with our own unique truth is so Powerful and Peaceful at the same time. Sometimes we can connect to a piece of it or part of it and other times its in its entirety. It's really interesting how i try to respond too what do you do, nowadays, what do I do, well hmm where do I start and do include my titles, status, degree, etc. Just Love #5 and #6 - Spending time within and with ourselves it so beneficial and it really does help us to see beauty in all places, people, experiences - in Life. Thank you for such a loving reminder!
Melissa Rose Rothschild
6 awesome ideas to combat negativity! Thank you Bryant.
Lissa Hinshaw
This really touched me. Such beautiful encouraging words that I really needed to hear. Thank you for sharing. :)
Uchenna Ilo
Amazing and uplifting as usual.

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