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How to achieve true success in a difficult world

How to achieve true success in a difficult world

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” > — Matthew 16:26 +We need to be constantly reevaluating what success means. Most so-called success in the world is slavery. The trappings of success often bring the opposite of success, at least in the ways … See More...

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Fran Merkh
Love this again. K thx
Fran Merkh
Love this .k thx
I am always thrilled and blessed to learn from a Supernatural talented, genuine Human Being like our King Bryant McGill!! I thank you Sir for completely changing my view of Life and making me realize the incredible miracle of existence! 👑🏆🙏🌟🎸🎼❣️🌹 a great miracle we all witness
Mary Davis
So many valuable thoughts in here Bryant - thank you!
April Drake
Bryant, that rawness and truth in your writing gives me goosebumps. Thank you for this perspective and I can tell how passionate and helpful you are put in the world. Great read, I look forward to reading more articles written by you.
As with all Bryant's articles, this is superb. It makes you take a sincere look at yourself and evaluate how you are living.
I am reading Dr. Nardi's book on "5 ways to be a health-hero."I am using my Kindle and have only finished the first chapter but I know it is going to have a tremendous impact on my life. His theories are backed by scientific data and his own personal experiences so are therefore very credible.I fully intend to finish this book and will definitely follow his advice so that I may enjoy a healthier, happy and long life. It is a must read and is worth the very low price!
Melissa Rose Rothschild
Rereading this ! This is one to hold on to! 💓💓💓👑
Laurie Lankins Farley
When you read the truth, you know it! You feel it!
Success means so many things to each person. My definition of success is ever changing..It used to be to maintain my family life and make sure everyone was taken care of and happy, pay bills, save money for fun stuff, holidays and future. I always had some goals, hobbies, interests...I still feel I have something left to do ..a few things are leaving me unsatisfied and I wonder if I should just count my blessings.
Nicholas J Cobos
I feel successful and on the right track when I am working toward a goal, not just reaching the goal itself. Like you yourself have said- quit waiting for success to come to your door. It works with success and life in general. Success is about doing the little things to get to the big things.
Sonia Eaton
All through my adolescence & early adult years, I believed that success was measured by the financial freedom that one gained through achieving as high level status in one’s career. It was because of this viewpoint that I have always felt frustrated and unhappy. Now that I am approaching midlife, my views on success have changed. I do believe that success involves finding that balance; achieving fulfillment in whatever you choose to do. For me now, it is about finding a way to positively affect other individuals’ lives. If I could find a way to do this, then I will have achieved what I believe is true success.
Success: :) I had success in life, if i'll live 117 years, like i wish myself. If the most of these years are invested in making a better world for my children, me and those i love. If my message as a teacher arrives the children: do what you dream but without hurting other children, people or nature. Something like that is success for me. Love Daniela
Thank you. Feel the same way, somehow unsuccessful, but content with myself. We need to realize, there always will be people who are not our fans!! If one believes that, is loved , followed by many. It is simply an illusion. Social media is nurturing this type of behaviour. What’s next? How can I be at least a bit helpfull..., taking a friend in w/c for trip. I see pure joy ... And I pray 🙏🤗❤️
Succes in this life is to live to had self realization, to see, be and to "know" your truth self and meaning in this word.
Succes in this life is to live to had self realization, to see, be and to "know" your truth self and meaning in this word.
My meaning of succes is to achieve bliss, love and wholeness trough and in your own being by not being dependent of any external facts.
Lalie Nieto
Hi Bryant, there are lots of interesting articles in here and this one on Success is another winner! I was struck by what you said that self satisfaction and gratitude for your completeness and innate perfection is highest form of success. Success for me means finding fulfillment, joy and satisfaction in whatever you're doing. It doesn't matter how humble the endeavor is. Money, position Title is not a benchmark for success. What matters is that you are able to fulfill your soul's calling and express the song in your heart. For me, i just want to fulfill my heart's desire to write. I'm planning to join some writing competitions. I would not focus on the reward of winning but instead on the pleasure of giving voice to my soul's calling. Thank you.
Lucecita HR
I think I need to reevaluate what I'm striving for because lately I've been feeling so tired physically, mentally and emotionally. Probably I need to change my definition of success. Lots of love for you all!!!
hachaya yindeesook
I believe everyone has dreams. And what makes the dream come true? To step forward without giving up on obstacles. The most important thing is inspiration and dedication. My sacrifice today is Let the heavens and the heavens open and hear the voice of the request of all who expect in their own dreams. The fertility will expand in the community of hope and the wonders will take place in this place! Thank God and all those who join together for a dream come true!🙏💟
thakyou alots for your posts it inspire me alot i have agreat change in my view to life i appreciate people arround i look positively to life and for me successis being true with your self and with others and value our selves and life
fdollowing your thoughts and writings lieds to many changes in my opwn personality i look differently to life ansuccess means working and go forwardswith out give uo i become an other person i appreciate life and people and i kow what ireally worth thank you aloty for inspiring me youe writings are very helpfful lots of thanks
There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way. Christopher Morley Definition of success has changed for me as I have grown older, now it is more spiritual attainments rather than material things, being free to go ahead in my spiritual journey, having a peaceful life and being able to help others is my personal definition of success.
For me success is to claim goals, and do it för fun. Have at happy family and see all the people around me who are happy. My personal goal is to find a good job, where I can work and be happy at the same time, and even find a smart wife to share the luckiest parts of life’s with. Thank you for your spread of love and visdom. Greetings/Alexander 💕
Real success often involves absorbing tremendous loss on a personal level. Real success often involves sacrifice. Yes that's right. I have lost so many lovely things during my whole life, but in return I have gained much more better things inside the bitterness of loss. . Thanks Briant and Genny for your lovely, wonderful and very interesting subjects.
Thank u i need to reade this.
MaryLou Simpson Kenner
Success Is about inner peace and balance in this turbulent world It's health an well being . Combined with never giving up the fight . Even when things seem impossible . It's digging deeper to get a positive result . To succeed even when the odds are against you . Focus Interigy & Determnation
Beautifully explained...thank you so much. I believe true success is to serve your purpose with unconditional love.
Susscess to me it is to in peace with myself.. Be myself, not to be afraid of not being liked by others. Be able to say no and walk away. Not to hold to things that does not fulfill your life..
Nidhi Sharma
You made me think what actually success is all about. It gave a new direction to my life. Keep writing and shining
Maryam Ansari
Dear Jenni and Bryant Awesome, interesting concepts It helps me a lot and widen up my experience. Thanks to both of you Jenni & Bryant Regards, Maryam
Aida Galvan
Yes,as you mention success involve sacrifice. Sacrifice is the key to success,but we put God first before our success be ause with out God help we will not become a successful in any field of our life.only God can make us successful through working in our behalf.He is our helper,he guide our steps whatever we plan and the most succeed thatbwe can do is to accept Lord God as our personal Savior,Amen
Jackie Wilushewski
Such a great article breaking down the various ways we have been tricked into thinking what success is, what we need/should to get there, etc. When you said, "Real success is found in the balance of all things" it really stuck out to me.This is what the essence of our Spirit is, Yin/Yang; Balance. That is where we find success; in our Hearts, in our Core, and we can recognize and celebrate that in others as well. Beautiful article, thank you!
Ma. Janet Cervantes
for me success is being the purpose you ought to be given in any instance, like loving unconditionally the people you dwell within a specific time and value. that moment. Success is indefinite and it can move positively only if we aim our goals wisely; there is no hindrance to success except your own wrong motivations. Being poor nor being rich are either never a hindrance to success because it is your heart desire that will lead you to it. In love of whatever kind or in your goals in life, i think success is when we are able to stand up and gain again every time we fall.
Elizabeth Huntington
Aurea B. Ramos
I define true success in a simple way, by just looking on everything I have and be contented on it. Being happy and enjoying a lot of things with my family and loved ones. Failures don't matter as long as people whom you love will stay right by your side. Being grateful to the Lord God for He is giving us things more than we deserve. Success for me is not those recognitions and precious stuffs, it about HAPPINESS in behalf of the life's imperfections.
Elizabeth Huntington
Thank you for your ever inspiring and encouraging words. My ideal of success is creating an everlasting, faithful relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and being the best Mother & Nana. In knowing Christ and being so blessed and protected by him my entire life, why am I lacking in following through with a faithful relationship with him? That's my greatest downfall and I live in shame because of it. Please pray for my family and I to develop the most living, joyful, peaceful relationship we seek. I am the matriarch and I am lacking. Powerful prayers are needed. I struggle with depression & energy. Thank ful God has blessed me with you both. Blessings.
Hi guys, I feel succeed when I look back at what I "lost". I ended an abusive marriage. I immediately moved forward to get my kids and myself into counseling. I pushed through going to hair styling school at the ripe young age of 50. Even though my son had to be placed in a residential program, that was just closed a year ago. I saw he was regressing and had him moved. I graduated on time. I eventually decided I need to create a business that will work into doing what I loved and caring for the elderly and disabled. I needed something that allowed me to make my own schedule around my sons needs, visits, doctor appointments and emergencies. I created "Especially for You In Home Services" I am a mobile stylist. I only service the senior and disabled in Western Mass. It is a small one person business, but I feel successful at being a Mom and business woman. I feel God has blessed every step I have taken in the last 8 years. Also when I feel like "I can do or make more money" in the real business world, God hands me 5 more clients. This is my mission, God is blessing it.
Success is winning the battles that confront you on a daily bases. Success s resisting the negative forces that get positive results. Life has many doors that lead to success that many people fail to open
Donna LiAne
Well guys I don’t hinknwe have space here for all thatvInwant to succeed in lol .. top on my list are : Continued rebuilding of my clientele The non profit I’m working on launching Keeping my family strong through our personal struggle Making time to allow someone wonderful to come into my life as my life partner Now I know a lot of that depends on me so I need to succeed at getting out of my own way was well :) I measure every accomplishment towards my goals as a success & celebrate them even the small ones ... 👑👑💗 thankyou for asking & prompting me to show up :)!
Tracy Zimmerman
I think success is when you achieve being calm and taking life one day at a time
The term success has changed over the decades for me. I once thought that success was only a measurement used by people who had monetary wealth, but time has shown me the depths to which that word actually can go. If our world is small, for whatever reason, through our own fears and obstacles, by the family environment we might be born, raised into, by circumstances out of our control, etc... There are some days that success can mean simply making it through another day, or maybe without having a panic attack, or without worrying if the bills were going to be paid, or perhaps someone might actually listen to what I have to say and so on. The list of possibilities is not finite by any stretch of the imagination. SO, many successes and steps in a positive direction that help us to gain positive self esteem, strength (whether physical, emotional, psychological) and so on are right within our grasp, but we must reach for them! It is by our failures and obstacles though that we must learn to strive for success and to rise above! The secret is that very few people "get it". There are many with higher educations, wealth, perhaps even beyond what most can imagine and the appearances of perfection, but perfection is not attainable. Most people wear masks to protect them from the outside world, often living in fear of one thing or another no matter how put together they might appear. So no matter our age, body type, skin color, station in life, the job we have or role we play each one of us has to strive for success, even if they are baby step by baby step! It is our God given right to move forward! My motto is: Life is a journey, a process of give and take, gather and eliminate, knowledge, wisdom, growth and strength. Let the journey begin!©2009
Djaffar Mohamed Abdoullatuf
Here another wise and fruitful post which I find lot of interest and meanings behind. I like the way you kept developing and detailing every and each idea by showing the different senses that can be seen success, your views on it. The text is truly long but so significant for me. In each single paragraph I find something new and true that captivates and brings me back to some of my experiences and logically explains why many of us fail in our lives because of the way we take and deal with things. I really thank you very much for your encouragement and unbreakable devotion to lend a hand to the humanity. As I always say, I'm so full when I read your lines because of the power and meaning of your words so realistic. I thank you so very much. Be blessed!
To me success is having my loved ones friends included tell me they love me, because at that point I know I have shown my soul to them and have been successful in showing them my love for them.
My husband and I met at El Toro Marine Base in California. In 1990 we had been married and had a baby girl a few months latter. When he was serving his last year, it was during Desert Storm and wanted to re-enlist but so many people wanted to join he was denied. So, we moved to Wisconsin not only because his family lived there but we couldn’t afford to live in California. When we finally was able to buy our house, we struggled with 4 kids. I was able to be a stay at home Mom and babysat and tried to get work off and on. With my husbands schedule was very difficult. To me success is not what you pay for what you have but the quality of life and the way you live. I always told my husband, family and friends that I’d rather be poor but rich with lots of love and laughter. I don’t want to work to pay for everything we own. I want to enjoy everything we own. Which will allow us to enjoy our kids, grandkids and other family members and friends. I have dreams of traveling and taking our kids/grandkids along for the memories.
Antoinette mosley
I would love to get a degree in medical billing and coding so I want have to struggle anymore that would be a great success
Marilyn De Leon
All of us want to succeed in all aspect of our lives.. thats from my younger years but for now at the age of 56 all I want is a good relationship with God. How can I succeed to have a good ralationship with Him the fact that left and right there're so many obstacle, stress in works, family, community and many others. What I aim now is to free myself from any kind of stress and focus to all the blessings God bestowed upon me. For success in me is not measured by material things or power, but for the joy and peace that I will feel everyday. What I want is, as I open my eyes every morning I have a big smile knowing that God give me another day to live and the oppurtunity to feel His love and spread that love towards other people. Yes we need money in our day to day life, we need power to overcome evil people but not to the point that we have to abuse the chances God given to us. Yes we can use such to help others. Good day to everyone and have a great day.
Darlene Rese
Success brings peace of mind and satisfaction. Having an approved relationship with God counts as being successful with me and being grateful for having everything I need. Also having a loving relationship with my husband and being comfortable in my home. Thank you for writing this article. It is very enlightening.
Paulina Bagunas
Success -the achievement of something attempted, gaining of fame for the chosen right path to follow in life. Were going to achieve it through untiring dedication for commitment, satisfaction and most of all through guidance and blessings from up above. GOD bless us all.
Akiroq Brost
Yes, Joshua my personal definitions as to what success means to me, what a successful lifestyle look like are similar to yours. Perseverance is definitely crucial for cultivating success. We can play off of each other's strengths and weaknesses to be stronger together. I absolutely agree, there is no reason for it to be hostile. I personally find helping others each and every day to be an integral part of my own personal success. ❤️
Debbie Bates
Success for me is self-mastery. My second greatest mission on earth is to succeed as a mother throughout my lifespan. My first mission is to seek knowledge so that I can serve my creator and use my vessel (body) to do this properly. This is where mastering myself by overcoming fear and selfish desires comes in. When I watched the movie Avatar, I wished for a perfect body, free of sickness and a mind free of insecurities based on my upbringing and experiences. I now realize I have been given an avatar, my own body that houses my spirit and if I treat my body and mind with due respect, this will invite Holy Spirit to dwell within my temple, my body and give me strength beyond what is normal. To overcome one's self perceived limitations and offenses is to overcome the world.
Pam Consignado
For me success is maintaining the things that you want in the future. I need to focus on what is the real goals to achieve the things that I want for myself. Doing things step by step to make my dream come true.
Brenda Bate
Success is different at different stages in life. What success is at 16 would not be success at 60 yrs. ultimately I believe success is the ability to have achieved some of Mazloves Therory. We need a safe home with heat food and then enough financial success to be able to live without stress. Success may be independence or a successful marriage. It may be a great career. Friends, mental stimulation, happiness. The ability to love. Finally happiness deep inside yourself, contentment and spirituality.
And of course, it is the people who have been thru the most hard times that are the most worth listening to usually...the school of hard knocks is a wonderful teacher, lol!
This article is so true! I have such a desire to make a difference in people’s lives! I especially have loved being a Gma, and my heart goes out to the young ones of our world who have big gaping empty holes with no information in them about the common things we grew up with years ago. These young folks do not have counterbalancing information or viewpoints on such common topics as manners, or respect, or patriotism, or “the greater good”or the big picture, spiritualality, or important truths that used to be common knowledge. It is like half their education growing up is missing. I see how it affects them, and prevents them from making good judgements for themselves and others. It is so sad! They are opinionated, but without wisdom. They are activists but without character. They exploit and waste their youth and freedoms on things that harm rather than help and grow them. It breaks my heart. Most young folks try so many things at an age way too young for their emotional stage of development. I think there should be a whole new category of psychology to help young folks in this condition. True succes, to me, is not only knowing yourself, and truth, but also making a difference in the people’s lives around you. Success is not monetary, it is a calling, a vocation, a sharing of yourself and your wisdom with others. Making a difference is a great success! Sure it is nice to have enough money to live on comfortably, or to use to help others, but it it is not the most important thing. Success is finding yourself and what your calling is, and doing it to help others. It is making a difference!
Typo I meant “well said”
I agree with you Bryant. You are right about everything you wrote. If we loose ourselves in the process of achieving success then what’s the purpose of it!? Balance is the answer to everything. The fact that we need to realize we are a potential to begin with and discover further our capabilities and develop it that’s the answer. Striving to achieve without loosing our humanity with which I totally agree. Week said Bryant I love it! God bless you!
Roseanna Schottenfeld
Right now, success to me is being still within myself. For about a year now, I have been nurturing myself, working on my inner peace and tranquility. A year ago, I left a very emotionally abusive relationship...and it took me a while to understand the concept of I didn't know at the time what I didn't know...and that is ok. I forgive him, but more importantly, I forgive myself. Through having an amazing life coach, being even more faithful to my Lord and Savior, reading, meditating, I am achieving success like I have never achieved anything in my life. I am happy, healthy, positive, faithful.....my God, I am love. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️
Janice R Wayne
Success comes in different forms and levels. You teach us with your words of wisdom and love how to succeed and as you said to reach for your dreams not to be successful but to do it for yourself, for your soul. Thank you continually teaching us to just be ourselves.
I would love to succeed in living life when it comes to my financials and not struggling to make ends meet. I would love to finding a mate that understand and loves me. To me that is success.
Sana Obaid
For me success is keeping and maintaining a balance between domestic and corporate life from all aspects like socially, Morally, physically, psychologically,ethically etc.
Ines ballouchi
Maybe success is a dream that you cannot reach out daily but only if you start believing it,magic will come out in everywhere and that's will be your success.. ines
Margaret Calhoun
In order to achieve success, you have to set goals. Set your main goal then set smaller goals that you must reach in order to attain the main goal. You need a positive mental attitude, the ability to work hard, and the ability to withstand hard times .. those times when even the small goals seem unattainable. Choose a goal that makes you happy. Too many people choose something that is popular instead of what makes them happy. It's much easier to attain goals that make you happy. My goal since I retired is just to be the best me I can be ... every day. I have had a good life, including all the hard times. Those are the "building" times. I enjoy helping people and I will share some of the hard times when needed to help someone. Also be open to learning. Patience . . another thing that is needed to achieve those goals. Sometime the going gets tough and you want to just give up. Don't. Put a list of the things you want to accomplish this week on your mirror. Check that list daily. Approach each goal with a positive attitude. Thank God every day for giving you the opportunity to work toward your goals and be sure to thank Him each time you achieve a goal. Works for me!!
Bryant McGill
Keep going Ruth... You can do it!
Bryant McGill
Thank you Joseph...
Bryant McGill
Great thoughts!
Cindi W.
Success can have a different meaning for different people. To me to have success is to keep climbing those mountains, one step at a time to get to a goal. Once that goal is obtained, you take another step and move forward. Don't look back as your not in the past but you look towards the future. I am hoping that I can be successful with my love and encouragement to my family and friends, to be comfortable in my living environment and to just sing when I am needing to lift my spirits up. I enjoy singing and writing song lyrics and am striving to get a bit farther over that next mountain with those things. If I do then great! If not, that is ok too as I will move on to something else to make me happy. Every day is a gift and we must make the most of our gifts and to help others to succeed as well as we are all in this world together and we are all human. Learn from a mistake and move on. Blessings.
I love your ministry. I am trying to follow Christ's devotion to love unconditionally. Every day I'm working at being better than the day before.
I would like to succeed in finishing writing my book that is called "What About Love". It includes what love is and what love is not and includes some of my life experiences as well. I will need help getting it published. I have already written several chapters with new chapter ideas in mind. Right now I am struggling after a two decade relationship and healing.
Joshua Luckey-Riddle
Succes is based on hope and determination in the face of adversity. if you want it bad enough you will not stop.competition does exist in the world but it does not have to be hostile or adversarial as people make it out to be.compassion in the business world has been replaced by spreadsheets and profit margins, and cost benefit analysis, severe judgement and condescension. the less you desire or need the more you will get. Hope helping others every day thats the key to true success in this world
Akiroq Brost
As we learn, as we grow, how we define everything constantly changes and evolves. I believe it is imperative to ask the questions and to draw our own conclusions in order to bring about greater understanding and depth. The answers mean nothing without the questions. Finding our own answers focuses our intentions, and drives purpose. True success is entirely different than what most of us have been taught or shown. Love, compassion, integrity are an integral part of every intention because these are an integral part of who we are as human beings, in our true nature. Many have lost that connection to self. Many compromise themselves in the quest to become "successful". It is tragic. Success is first measured in the heart which then translates into abundance in all areas of our lives. I love this:"..all you really needed was a true home for your heart." Success is a lifestyle, a way of living. I love this:"..you can be successful at accepting the victory of living." Beautifully articulated thoughts. I particularly enjoyed the last paragraph: "Ardently strive — toward yourself. Dream, reach, long, want, and hustle, but never once — for success. Do it for you. And please, do it as you. Let your success merely be a testament to a life well-lived — in the way that it must be uniquely lived for you, and only for you. Success is merely the acknowledgement of your significance. And the highest form of success, is to behold, and ever defend the significance of every person, as reverently and devoutly, as your own." Thank you.
Melissa Rose Rothschild
Bryant McGill
Thank you for reading Melissa, and for the nice words. :)
Bryant McGill
Thank you Uchenna.
Melissa Rose Rothschild
This article transports the reader through the perils of an empty shell of ego and brings us through that darkness showing us the truth in light of being. Bryant , your writing is so full of emotion. It is captivating and freeing in it’s opulence and simplicity. Our definition of success mirrors our perception of our reality , I suppose. We are born successful! Be the Victorious Love that! Yes we are.
Uchenna Ilo
Wow. I learned so many new ideas about the true meaning of success. It takes a lot of courage to live life on our own conditions. Thanks for yet another masterpiece of brilliance. Your writings reach and touch the depths of the soul.

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