Proclaim now that you refuse to die without fully living!

Life really wants you to learn a few lessons, and it will not stop trying to teach you until you learn. What has life been trying to teach you? Life wants you to have gratitude for the gift of living. Treasure every second. Life wants you to know yourself, be yourself and love yourself. You … See More...

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Robert Walls
Love it Love it love it Much love and Many Blessings Sharing with love ❤️
Mayuri Rana
This entire article feels like a blessing. Life really does want to bless us with everything you've mentioned in this article..So grateful for having read this.. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder!
Sue Smith
I am so thankful for you and Jenni and Simple Reminders! 👑💖
Angeliki Anastasia
The Master Royal couple of Love! King Bryant and Queen Jenni, Thank you ooooohhhh Great Professors, for teaching me to always breathe in every single beauty of heavenly Life and keep following the whispers of my heart to the path of passionate, unconditional love!! 👑👑🙏🏆❣️💕🌹

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