Respect is the universal currency

Don’t underestimate your power of influence. In today’s world, any average effort or caring is a triumph. Simple caring and simple effort are heroic strivings. Those who have attained wisdom from the difficulties intrinsic to every life — can and should try to be there for others. Like experienced midwives, we should all assist those … See More...

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Melissa Rose Rothschild
Respect and kindness are priceless. They give appreciation to ones self ultimately. Thank you , Bryant.
Akiroq Brost
The more we realize our choices, the more we realize our power, and the more power we have. We need to redefine what power and influence are. Power is not lording over people and forcing our will upon them. It's acting with love, attention, and with caring. In this way we can have tremendous impact not only on others but also on ourselves. We all have something that we can contribute. We all have value. If there is even a chance that we can guide people through darkness and struggle, towards love and light, we have an obligation as human beings to do just that. We need to cast aside our judgment, listen with an open mind and heart. We need to soften our clasp on everything we think we know, and be willing to grow and learn. We need to learn how to love another human unconditionally, as a human being and not for what they did or didn't do. We are not above or beneath anyone. We are one of many and many of one. There are no true separations, only those we ourselves create and believe. I find that as we open to allow others to be, we also allow ourselves to be. As we get to know people, we also get to know ourselves better. We lose ourselves in our hate. We find ourselves in our love. If we pay attention, how we treat others, particularly how we treat those we dislike or disagree with, speaks volumes about who we are. It takes a lot of courage and patience to treat people everyone the same. Practicing doing so, teaches us how to be better people. The more accepting we become, the more acceptable we are to ourselves. The greatest intent, the greatest motivator, and goal which we can possibly have in life is to live with love. To put love into everything we do and say. Nothing will create a richer more meaningful life. Love is the ultimate power, healer and transformer. The more you love yourself, the easier it will be to love others. It all starts with you. You cannot love anyone or anything until you first learn to love yourself. You cannot expect to have a successful relationship until you have founded a loving, working relationship with yourself. You have a choice in this world. You can harm or heal. Every choice has effect. Pour love into your intentions. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Carry all hope in your heart and express it through love towards yourself and others. Realize your choices, realize your power. Stand in you power. Act. Do. Be. Be love. -Akiroq
Barbara Vercruysse
Respect, grace, kindness, dignity, such gifts for ourselves and others. Thank you so much for leading by example ❤️ Sharing on my page ❤️ Much love ❤️
Fatima Shahnaz Ahmad
Kindness IS the answer! The more you genuinely give it to yourself first, the more generously you may give it to others. Thanks for this reminder.
Kindness is good . but doing act of kindness must be without ego . our attitude in such act of kindness should be that divine has given an opportunity serve Him through that person the humbleness must predominate not ego Best wishes . have nice day Let God guide you.
if we think and reach the conclusion that our existence here is for spiritual progress and not to cultivate our selfishness, then only human aspect will start developing. till such time we are no better than an animal walking in two legs. for this we have to control our mind and habits my only prayer is that Let Divine Bless everybody to realize it at the earliest God realization is the only reason for our existence . we are all progressing SOULS {Jiva Atma } entrapped souls In the universal illusion we can get out of it by 1} prayers and worship ,2] doing Karma yoga {3 meditation {4 by by reasoning out and bringing Knowledge of Divine existence. all these require certain disciple in life is to be followed.
Kindness is the key to life. We can be an example to others if they are not kind and always be kind to ourselves too.
Denise Williams
May I add obey Hong Kong exhibit video is particularly interesting on this subject . If we are a society or are we a multitude of micro societies within one ? Almost as if discussing particle physics and the way in which one molecule relates to the other has x affect . I studied Sociology and Psychology . Endlessly fascinating and philosophy also thus
Denise Williams
Oh so correct . If only people thought more of others . I believe it’s the issues in their lives which counteract the possible norm if this norm was instilled as a child . So many forms of illnesses we can sit and judge but where does that take us ? I try to understand and I totally think many folks here are on the money with their thoughts
Denise Williams
I completely agree. I’m sure it’s a major issue . I think so many folks are hyper and hyper stressed to the point they miss the link of why they are doing what they are doing . I have many artists I love to follow . I don’t go around purporting this is going change your life but a look at Obeys work on links to isolation and modern life and society’s indoctrination expectations of each individual could be interesting for folks . Happy day wherever you are folks God bless love from Halifax NS
Laurie Lankins Farley
So many people need these reminders for their relationships. I believe it is a major problem at these times.
ose who are struggling by just changeingour behaviour to Respect is others is the only thing which costs nothing except the ego . this is an habit to be cultivated from very childhood . as we are parents it is our ressposibtliy show it by our own actions. in todays world this aspect of our behaviour is forgotten ..everbody runs after money and pleasure that we forget our human values . this posting gives us how valueable it is even most of things can be corrected and great thins can be acheived by learning to respect others whatever may be his/her position in scociety this article very much helpful to those who are not having this habits

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