The grand estate, is a state of mind

Humble flower — no magnate, president, or king, was ever appointed with such authority as thee. How many mighty souls have knelt in submission, before the grand estate, of your delicate blossoms? Kings will stop and bow down, to look upon the greater majesty, of a simple flower. The flower rules supreme, not by force, … See More...

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prabhakar rajarapu
Mousumi Das
This article is as beautiful simple graceful as TAJ MAHAL Thank you Bryant Mcgill
Akiroq Brost
The beauty of being, in pureness, simplicity, and truth. No clouds, or shrouds of false intention. Simply there, simply present, simply aware. As we connect to self we become ambassadors of love, compassion, peace, and goodwill towards others. Effortlessly, naturally, we flow with and into our truest nature. It is within the simplicity that greatness emerges. The greatness within us speaks to the greatness in others. Love is our greatest power.
I really needed to read this one tonight. Great reminder.
Melissa Rose Rothschild
I shared this one on Twitter. Brilliant! 👑
Barbara Vercruysse
This is simply magnificent!!! Love your writings Bryant. You are a such an inspiration!! And these words do not cover the magnitude of my feelings. Thank you for sharing your grandeur ❤️

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