The True Nature of Violence

To understand what a more sane world may look like, it is important to understand the insanity of violence, and the true nature of violence, which is seldom discussed. That is because any honest exploration of the nature of real violence has deep implications upon the foundations of the society in which we live, and … See More...

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Melissa Rose Rothschild
There seems to be a primal , survival of the fittest that continues to control our humanity. It seems even in countries with other types of governments and families with different cultures or upbringings ... you find a survival of the fittest mentality ... to ultimately survive. The battle may be one for love or because love is absent ...either way , it seems that fear is at the root of problems. “Lord of the Flies” was a great fiction novel that exemplified what and how humans tend to naturally try to survive , and fight for the power to “win” what they can only equate to the satisfaction of love. Our worldly systems tend to mirror what the family systems may be. Humans use their free will to choose. Awareness is key but how many really want to become aware? In any age, time or place , we have had the same issues among men. Love is indeed the only answer and all men are created equally to find their divine spirit to guide the way to love. I believe in humans. I believe in the power of the spirit. It is each man’s responsibility to claim their lives and their contributions to this world. There is so much that you covered in this article , Bryant . Thank you for your courage to live out loud and lead the way.

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