The two paths — cooperation and force

There are two paths in life. One which will lead you to ruin and devour you in the relentless jaws of its narrowness, and one that will exalt you, and set you free to infinite paths. The noble and freeing path is the path toward enlightenment. There is no guide for the path of infinite … See More...

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Laurie Lankins Farley
This is such a simple, yet deep information of truth.
Akiroq Brost
Our enlightenment comes from within, from knowing self, loving self and following the callings of our hearts with action. The masses don't know that they don't know. It is tragic. They live an empty shell of existence, waiting to die. I love this: "They have strayed, and have gone missing; missing to themselves — alone because they are without their own essential companionship." They endlessly seek outside of themselves that which is inside of them all along. Trapped in a perpetual circle of hell. Resistance creating yet more resistance. A never-ending, arduous toiling existence. Cooperation, particularly cooperation with self opens the path, the journey. Every step opens the heart, the mind, the soul. The experience is enriched with depth, substance, meaning. I love this:"You are your own path; each step and footprint is your own landmark and secure fortress of choice." Wonderfully articuled writing. Thank you.
Barbara Vercruysse
Oh Bryant, as always your writings are brilliant. Your eloquence is extraordinary and I love to absorb your words. Much love ❤️

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