Women and Children, and Rejection of War-consciousness

To fully understand the state of the human family, and the problems we face together, we must carefully look at the ways women and children are treated by men. Throughout the ages, society has emotionally castrated the male, in order to condition his consciousness to become capable of unnatural acts of violence and war. This … See More...

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Melissa Rose Rothschild
Jeri, With all due respect, I think you are missing the point....
Melissa Rose Rothschild
Melissa Rose Rothschild
*us to the core ๐Ÿ˜‘ typos
Melissa Rose Rothschild
*as if
Melissa Rose Rothschild
Great article, Bryant. It is if there is still such a primal fear that penetrates is to the core and keeps us in an evolution of regression. As much as we progress, there seems to be so much fear based desperation to hold on to the power and roles of what once was. The fact that we still live in a world with child slaves and women being stoned ... I could go on... it is incomprehensible. At the same time , you see the struggle and ambivalence of men and women to let go of Neanderthal ways.
Lynne Mann
i wrote above how i think is one way to help women. i failed to say you can go online and look at their beautiful clothing.
Lynne Mann
Just one suggestion. i buy Sudara clothing. These ladies make beautiful, washable, dryable โ€œpunjammiesโ€. i wear mine to my doctor, to run errands or just for lounging around. they are not only besutiful but well-made and they save women from sex slavery.
Lalie Nieto
Hi Bryant and Jenni๐Ÿ’• This article reminds me of my European trip with my parents so many years ago. As part of the tour in Amsterdam, we were brought to the Red Light District and we saw the women in the brothel being treated as mannequins; meaning, they were standing in a glass case like in department stores wearing flimsy underwear while waiting for a prospective customer. Such a sad sight ๐Ÿค” i wished then that I was superwoman and had powers and I would snatch those women from that brothel and bring them to a safer place. Just wondering how we can put an end to this?๐Ÿค”
Julia Hardy
Wonderful and much needed article. Thank you. I believe we can harness our power as mothers to lovingly guide our sons to not only honour and recpect the divine feminine energy, but to also align with it to help bring balance and peace to our world.
Jeri Williams
This article is full of crap,,especially if you live in The USA. We have women governors, women in Congress, women taking all kinds of leadership roles and if a woman does the same job as a man in the USA, they get equal pay. In the sport of martial arts fighting,, or the UFC, is what it is called, a woman named Ronda Rousey was the highest paid martial artist there was, The men were making peanuts compared to her. And I don't know where you get the idea that men want to control women by marrying them and taking care of them financially is hogwash No man wants to support women anymore. They expect their wife to work and have her own money, which is a load of crap too. Women that want to be independent makes it harder on women like me who wants to be took care of by a man. The Bible says a man is supposed to work and take care of the family and be head of the house hold and women are to obey. And you will not brainwash me with a bunch of women's lib. I believe in what the Bible says and I wont go against the Bible for this nonsense I don't understand what the women are fussing about. Like I said, we have women in Congress. Women already have the same rights as men. What the he'll else do you want, blood?
Jo Davis
A necessary article. I have been amazed by the remarkable women that have crossed my path. Connecting to that powerful divine feminine is life changing. I sometimes am blown away when women do not see their power or feel the rumbling inside, the itching to come out and roar!!!! Sadly, I believe that that fire in their belly unrecognized eventually manifests itself in illness. It is crazy that the ghost of our regrets can actually show up, set up camp in our bodies, and wreck havoc on our lives. This flip side is magnificent and united can completely alter the trajectory of this planet. All by design. All our own doing.
thank you so much for a beautiful message for a woman's day celebration, thank you Mr and Mrs McGill God Bless
Tina ngo
Thank you very much for Happy women Day recognition! I was abused im many ways & many times by my ex-husband and ended up homeless with my children. Fortunately, I remembered my respectful male obgyn doctor told me women are the strongest on earth. He said "If men have to go through pregnancy like women then there wouldn't be people on earth". He said "i would do anything & everything for my mom", she my hero. His words gave me tears. Many boys raised up without fathers and they start becoming careless. The mothers' working too much and have no time or little time to disciple them. Boys are very active at young ages and they required a lot of training. If they don't get that then they will be out of control. When becoming teenagers, they start to becoming irated. Becoming men, they ended up hating others. They feel like they didn't get love so they dont need to love anyone or anything. I think boys & men needs special classes to learn about self control. They need more attention; nurture, care, & love education. I have 3 girls, i tried giving as much love as i could while working 2 jobs at the same time to provide for them. They were sad and angry because i couldn't physical be there for them. They were mostly upset with their father. They turn out Good. Thank God.. If they were boys then i think they would do crazy things to act out their feelings. Sincerely, Tina ngo
Rose Parise
I agree with most of the perceptions in this article. I have lived and been abused by men such as this over my lifetime because I was outspoken, confident and educated and didn't and still don't fit the status quo of most men and sadly many women. The imbalance will not be balanced until women also stop playacting apart they believe will appease these men, instead of educating themselves, develop the confidence to speak up and refuse to be given platitudes and verbal support that has no truth in it. be Being a strong, independent woman too often threatens the domination minded man and so they do all they can to destroy that strength and confidence. Real men do not need to do this and confident spiritually intelligent men know how beneficial having women like this in their lives, in the boardroom and speaking up bringing their strengths to the table that God gifted them with to balance out the too often warring attitude of many men. It won't happen in my lifetime and I have sons that are like this and developed the same attitude of their father and men that they worked with and for teaching them. I pray however that in my grandchildren's adult lives they will see this come into balance or we will continue to slide into that abyss
Today we are celebrating International Womans Day ..... We know that today's woman is a woman of substance needless to say she is a super woman....but we are still unknown to some facts...In India there are some remote rural areas where women are treated as doormats due to lack of proper education resources...we can dtill understand that, but in the big cities too some educated illiterates still exists and they enjoy the violence towards woman mostly behind the closed doors... they flaunt their masculine power and flex their muscles on women!!! What a shame....but still in society they are the fame power and big names....dare not touch them...they can turn you into ashes....yes...this is today's woman... turn you into ashes...i am happy that woman are taking stand against this issue... sometimes its just lip service...my question to all of you...Are we celebrating womans day in real sense??
Badia Bennani
Thank you Mr. MGILL for this beautiful text Happy women's day**
Kapil SaiNi
Excellent Message sir Ji for Better Tomorrow ...

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