Confronting Yourself And Accountability. No More Excuses. The Gift Of Community.

Confronting yourself and accountability. No more excuses. The gift of community. (Sorry, the original live stream with 90k views and 10k comments was lost.) See More...

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Annita Maria
#samadhi you guys Rock!!! I've just started to listen and view/have an understanding about what this BE ROYAL IS ALL ABOUT? And I have to say Iam inspired /excited and just so trilled to listen to your feeds .. Congrats to you all from Australia!! 😆😆
Joy Jackson-Smith
Love your skyline...
Nina Britton
Don't have anything against your program don't really understand what you're doing I'll read my Bible and do my own spiritual things thank you
Emms Vbergern
Maribel Heredia
Is my 1st time.....I will watched it again tonight..
Shiela May Daluz
Yes!!!finally I found it this video again i havent finish watching this video. Thanks to three of you guys...every thing you'll said is true..every person is different.. It's hard to convince them,they judge u, If you are not the same as them they think u are crazy...
Becki Lee
Absolutely NOW!
Becki Lee
Thank you both!
Jeffery Thorn
Yes, yes yes
George Hoffman
hi, to both of you. Love your talks. Also hi to Anthony. We're from beautiful British Columbia.
Saleemah Fareed
Did you pray and ask for God help
Jolene A. Studer
This is last nights (Friday) broadcast. They had to upload it, because the original disappeared.
Gied Rosario
So bad, I planned to watch it again tonight. What happened?
Susan Vickers
Oh No!! I missed the broadcasting.... It did not show in my news feed? 😕
Maria Turner
Benjamin N. Brown
#5 year old mined is smart
Christian Ace Bernal
Okay great hotel'!
Picca Dilly
I love it!!!!
Picca Dilly
What a nice place
Benjamin N. Brown
# love
Maria Turner
I have and I watch that every year
Hedaya Khadra
So nice so beautiful , the same as I watch every day here at the beach sometimes and at bay area from home every day ,
Maria Turner
Benjamin N. Brown
#I feel I respect the people that call me out more
Annabella Adams
It's ok it happens.
Benjamin N. Brown
#I rather be called out
Benjamin N. Brown
# great toppic
Maria Turner
wait wait...I wanna see the green they talk about on the sunset
Benjamin N. Brown
# I fined it easy to give advice and take advice!!
Benjamin N. Brown
# I more or less fined my self hearing other storys and fined my self in their mud
Maria Turner
OK Im confused was this live and I missed it?
aku baru belajar bahasa inggris
Benjamin N. Brown
# i do that
Benjamin N. Brown
#Doing that
Benjamin N. Brown
# I have
Benjamin N. Brown
# I do.
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
His live broadcasts are so powerful they break the internet. You also Maja May, here you go loves!
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
Nancy Caldarola
Lisa Wicks
A fabulous broadcast

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