Do You Feel Powerless And Voiceless? How To Be Heard And More Successful, Without Selling-Out!

Do you feel powerless and voiceless? How to be heard and more successful, without selling-out. Redefining authenticity. #money #fashion #activism #entrepreneurship #business System busting through greater awareness. Why your presentation matters. The incredible opportunity of technology and social entrepreneurship for social good. How to really change the world. Hate the game not the player. Playing … See More...

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Marianna Sousa
Joe Karaus
Snap chat wonderful and motivational....
Devon Joy
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Oussama Boumaâd
Oussama Boumaâd
Oussama Boumaâd
how to get money it simple
Sylvania M. Medina
I've been following for 6 months And I don't like when ppl are rude to you both
Sylvania M. Medina
Hello how are you doing You both look marvelous darhlings
Joseph Ketterer
Love your kinda style
Oussama Boumaâd
gagner de l'agent ici
Oussama Boumaâd
Oussama Boumaâd
Kerry Fritz II
says 'grace period' was over March 11th, 2011 (a few months prior to Dr Harold Camping (of Family Radio) prediction of May 21st. If you are looking for royalty to tell you what is the more important thing to do and pass along for others to do once per person per year to do; then I would say to email [email protected] with 'peace' in the subject line for your A4V Strawman Redemption Jubilee I am Anti-Money whois The Elect [email protected] of Revelation 3:6-13 surround-sounding allah ewe 666 protons, electrons, neutrons Carbon-Satan in the Revelation 3:9 PEN.Yes, you were already burnt when you arrived @ Mein Holocaust Concentration Campf Jihad. You will never, ever-ever (I mean never-ever) get out of this world alive !!!
Gina de Villiers
First time, and from the beginning, I like you guys, well done!
Owais Khan
Its as if terrorism wasn't good for Americans.
Elaine Ballas
First visit
Iyke Uwajeh
I love this! Thanks for sharing
Alyssa Giles
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Laura T S Brown
This is my 1st time Laura, from Fla. I glue into my back. So now I liminused to like to dance, but I now 87, @ had glue poured in to my spine. No fun.
Sherrin Hubbuck Reed
OMG you're all story to tell!!!! I'm reading life story's!!!!🐰🐇
Emi Latoreno
How to make money?
Lynn Dill
Jenni, you look very pretty tonight.Bryant it was very interesting what you said about just taking the knowledge about what you want.I have been like that my whole life and I never looked at it as being something powerful.Thank you
Mary J Brown
KOOL BEANZ love ya both!!!
Wade Randolph
Nope. Feel i have my own calling and place in time. Thanks for ur uplifting words of encouragement! But it's time to dumb down now! Peace!
Marwan Yousry
Marwan Yousry
ليالي اا
Becky Siegrist
I love simple Reminders, it gives me so much helpful tips on how to better myself and my future, to what it holds..I read,and follow you both daily!! Thanks for all your help and support!! I really need something in my life to give me a little more guidance and just reading your Reminders, helps me so much..Thanks again God Bless...To the good,and Royal Warriors'...We ROCK!!
Marjorie Hankinson
Hi, I love listening to u. U have helped me quite a bit. Ty for doing ur program. Love ya..
Chaudhry Ali
Huma Mazhar
Kathleen Holquinn
Thank you
Ranya Khlaif
ياحليلكم 👍😉
Rosalice Fleury
No..I always say what i distract no divide...I´m awake..
Marie Powell Davis
I can't turn them off either. I'm sorry
Celeste Charity King
please STOP W/ THESE MILLIONS OF Notifications that I CANNOT Turn off?! Please? There's @ Least what? 30, of them?! Plleeaaassee, S.T.O.P.
L O V e
nights ..lovf
nibhys love
Lenin Ronquillo
I love you guy's #philippines
Karen Dowling
I think I'll rest my case now I can see why I do it on my own .
Jay Angara Belen
Teresa Prevatt
I'm a first time watcher. I never heard of you guys before. But I like so far and think you could help. Teresa Franklin. prevatt
Michelle Jones
Hi it my first time am looking forward to it
Becky Meyer
Becky Meyer
Christopher Taylor
I love to dance. I dance everyday day + laugth + smile. I also meet a lot of people who I feel I have a positive healing effect on, 😊💜😊like a turnstile of people. I meet a lot snakes n vampires to, not to my wishlist. Anyhow I am sat on mi best friends chair typing this. Minding his house sleeping over. We have a Border Collie called Bantoo, he nicked my egg custard the little monkey. 🀄📯📯📯🀄💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Christopher Taylor
You should work with me He he. Give me 10 million dollars n ill spew so much Love + Light around the world you'd be lost in a waltz. Ways and means to rout the darkness once + for all. Plenty of amunition up my sleeve. John Lennon cicked it off with his Merry Christmas war is over posters, so he got bumped off. David icke won't touch weed n mushrooms. He won't discuss Christ Consciousness 33. David Icke says Christ never existed. Now is the time !!! Fuck if I had 10 million it's Love Love Love permeate the universe.You want the truth , your more than welcome. Be like water if you hit a rock flow around it 😊🀄💜🀄😊 n the thing with money is I do not hate people with money. I hate no thing. Truth is I never actualy took much notice of your vids at first because I was being bombarded with negativity from all angles so pushed away everything. Plus It was MY revamped version of 40 days and forty nights, which is a very trying experience, which flows over into my daily experiences. I do feel we should quit talking about money and start spreading Love 🀄📯🀄 All over the world just as God planned for this great coming of The Age Of Love 💖💖💖 my e mail is [email protected] Telephone number coming soon. Sweetness n love to you both Bryan + Jenny. Peace + Love ~ + healing Christ Consciousness ✌✌✌
Elizabeth Meyer
Theresa Fouts
Love you two! Thanks for sharing!!! I'm a lucky girl to of had our paths join and walk together in harmony.
Michelle Lankins
That was absolutely wonderful! I am so very glad that I watched it although I got to it later. On the 18th. But the information was very timely for me. Tyvm. I love listening to you both. Quite helpful.
Sandra Buckley
Stop these
Susan Gott
Angela Philippi 😊👑
Jo A. Mullin
Jo A. Mullin
Love Brian & Jenny x months
Abdul Qadeer Khan
Hi Bryant Mcgill & Jenne your program is very I like it.Be good & happy. Thanks ☘
Melissa Tita Flores
Astrid De Los Rios
I'm already facing difficulties when it comes to listening to live broadcast because of the different time zones.Im in Kuwait. Most broadcasts seem to take place while I'm sleeping and then I have troubles when I listen to replays ....Bryant talks aren't few minutes talks so when im.cut out and have to re start and then cut out again and then re start again ..well Lol ! It gets frustrating ..and this 'not being able to re start at more or less the point where the talk was cut out' it's also very time consuming and it happens not only with periscope but also with the other's technically feasible to move forwards and then stop at the point you want and continue listening from there or not ???? Hope someone can clarify this point
Astrid De Los Rios
Dear Royals, need technical advice on the following: how to skip ahead on periscope ..even if press on the screen as indicated by periscope and try to get back to the talk section I was listening when the broadcasting was cut out (by an incoming phone call or whatever) it doesn't work.Which then forces me to re start from the beginning ..and after 3 times of re starting and never reaching the end of the talk I have to give up on listening the whole thing because my break time has finished or its too late at night the way I'm using Samsung Galaxy 3 in case that makes a difference in how the broadcasters function.!!!!
Julie Habib
Swinging jaw
Ayu Powell
❤️ ;)
Tiymesha Maggini
Hi , new to this but I am.with what you have said so far . Please tell your wife to keep dancing . Dancing is happiness .
Joy Balayo Canja
Yeah so proud to do my best... is GOD give a gift.. smart... so Ilove it... your so lovely people. Very inspiring.. exciting to watch your episodes... awesome cheers WORLD
Ali Manso
Ahmad Al Absi
Annemarie McIntyre
What a load of rubbish
Tisa Summers
This broadcast was amazing! It was a lot to cover in one...Lol...each topic can be a broadcast, because these are very in depth topics...for sure...Thank you as I enjoyed this broadcast & am very excited for the part 2.....Love you both! You two look very nice in this video! And loved the music & Jenni is such a cute dancer! 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Christine Galarneau
Good stuff going on !
Christine Galarneau
from Canada !
Sarah Ehrman
Get off the air
Leona Hoxworth
Esha Abdullah-Muhammad
Second time really paying attention
Leona Hoxworth
Hi bryent
Esha Abdullah-Muhammad
I'm Sharing you
Esha Abdullah-Muhammad
So cute, dance and laugh on
Samuel Michael Williams
America what's wrong with you your thinking about electing trump wow !!! He doesn't know anything about running this country don't be fooled by his resources it's all for Donald Trump
Kristin Sethre
Melanie Rea Leborgne-Golster
Shan Siva
A wonderful world need a great love .... the ancient love ... is our love ... time to begin my love sweet heart
Sara Agoglia
STUCK is definitely the right word for all in my life at this time.
Kathy Kramer
Stupid stuff you guys!!!
Sheila Claycomb
The name of this show is nonsense
Jerrene LaPointe
I need some WiFi so I can play your uplifts! Have a great day.😄 everyone! I need lots of input guys! Love ya!
Beth Arvidson
Wow is all I can say. I could not stay awake last night to watch this so I watched the video when I got home from work. This was awesome. Best thing I took from this was "If there is something you don't like in your life change how you think about it." Thank you for your guidance.
Barbara Sammons
Barbara Sammons
Love it I do the same with pet names.
Hytham Osman
Barbara Sammons
Barbara Sammons
Yes I see them. I love beautiful Jenni. Love her dancing. Royal in the house love you both. Barbara Sammons from Georgia
Abraham Shari
Lol party
Dario Durà Armadans
I like ur ideas... But i know it can work or not depending on your cultural background :) but thanks anyway, as we say in spanish: "you just need to put your grain of sand" (y)
Aarlene Porter
God answered my prayer, I said "Set a watch on my tongue oh LORD" Guees he answered it !
Aarlene Porter
Yes I have Larayngitis, not kidding really do!
Nella Bartolozzi
Nella Bartolozzi
I've been following you for about 4 months, I still haven't done a video😟
Deb Kage
From Sudbury Ontario Debbie I've been a fan 6 months
Lorie Fleming Bryant
From Texas
Annmarie Fowler
❤️ I've sent you a PM :-D
Tina Turley
Ziggy Sparks
💖 U2! Can't help but watch each video ur making!! So uplifting, powerful and u2 make such a fantastic couple! Love the humor added as well! 💖👍🙌😀😂✌
Ziggy Sparks
Hi Annmarie! I also have been following Simple Reminders for years as well & I Love each post as well! 👍💖😊 .... I've jumped over to ur FB acct. and have been trying to like and leave comments on ur posts, without any luck! :( I love ur posts that u have personally written! So enpowering, inspirational Ok I could go on +on! Please keep posting ur originals, they are FANTASTIC!👍💖 🙌😀... Yes, I'm that 1 in a trillion person new to FB so I'm sry for leaving my comments to u here. 😒
Irene Siddique
Exactly..respect is universal language
Camille Olsen
Can't wait for the next one! Awe to the some!
Donae Dabinett
It takes time to build up kind manner with another. Kindness is the ointment to living a day at a time.
Monique Trescott
I have been following for a year
Sandy McLeod
sweetie my Lord God hears me I don't care what the rest of the world thinks ❤️
Catherine Etchells
Kim Qureshi
Kim from little old STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK...Bless you both for telling me what I needed to hear and for kind of LIGHTING THE PILOT ON MY STOVE so to speak and encouraging me because I WANT OUT OF THE MUD PUDDLE!!!
Tausha Shannon Kennison
Patiently waiting for the next broadcast lol. Much love to you guys and hope you all have a blessed weekend ✌🏻️❤️&😄 (peace,love,& happiness). #excitedforourfutureasroyals
Carolyn McCook
Please do not send me these messages anymore
Darcy Groves
No I don't feel this way. Interestingly, in business I was a powerhouse. I do find your content on relationships to be wonderful. And personally, I love the messages. Positivity and personal growth are part of my being
Angela Kovacs
Glenda Lewis Howard
This was amazing❤️❤️
Liza Ahyeng
Jeannine Jacobsen
1st time
Wayne Uyeda
Rayanet Solis
bsw3f," , 0
Tracy Hughes DuBois
Terri Krowen, Lillyy Love
Gnima Zeugirdor Amores
Yes i am tryly amaze with your work...
Maria Stan
I love you! I like this real and unproduced show!😊😊💖👑
Leslie O'Connor
1st time
Leslie O'Connor
Abbie Major
Please check your inbox from me.
Sheena Aitken
That is a good one
Mich Ailes
👑 💖 Thank you Bryant & Jenni! 💖 👑 Namaste.
Cj Dissanayake
Cool vid yo !
Anne Warby
LOVE your broadcasts. LOVE your passion. LOVE that you give of Yourself, like it's going Out of fashion! :) :-D
Marie Stone
God mornings! Bless bless y'all
Caroline Katushabe
How do unsubscribe me your post please
Fay Lapas
First time
Cathy Dolles
I wish I could get your new book but I'm on a low income and I can't I would love to get a chance to meet you very personally and talk with you and how you've overcome stuff but unfortunately I'm not able to and I don't have the money I can't talk with you on Snapchat but you invited me to and the person with the disability that has a hard time spelling unless I use my voice command half the time it doesn't want to work anyway my name is Cathy I would love your simple reminders book anything else I could get from you as I have no money to buy food and I would love to come see you and meet with you and talk with you you're an inspiration to me. I live in Utah northern Utah but I would love to get a chance to meet you and the person with the disabilities and I have grown so much.
LK Nitu Poudel
Hi good evening I'm from Dubai
Stacey Curran
Aboustly loved this broadcast. So much love and engery. Good to hear and see you guys. Xxx
Yunde Nestor
A month follower
Luz Dalipe Alicante
I do share your reminders with kins and fb friends.
Spot Bigspot
George Geisinger
Don't trust salesmen or Christians.
Mar V Graziano
Joanne Reeves
First timer !!!
Jeffrey Fluck
...... I AM A CONSTANT. .....
Kay Mooney
It has nothing to do with money
Ganise Powell
I admire what your doing as a couple. GOD BLESS YOU TWO MUCH~
Kerri Graham
Been watching for 3 years love your posts
Cat Willis
Love watching you guys! And I love Jenny dancing in the background.. that's so me too! 😆 #firsttimer ❤
Jean-Marie Mulholland
Want take on government
Leon Leo
Jhonatan Campos
I lost a great part of my eyesight to cancer in a certain moment of my life but it was not a reason that take me not to study English. I decided to face my challenges and go ahead. Well, I've bomeco a fan of this page, let me see... it has one year since I enjoyed all of your post. I love the quotes that you share with us and it gives me that motivation I need to take for a day. I'm from Brazil and my name is Jhonatan. Thank you for all =)
Jenell Yates
Misti Hopkins
Jean-Marie Mulholland
Yes you can see it
Jean-Marie Mulholland
Jean-Marie Mulholland
I'm sorry I miss it, I had funeral and I wasn't feel that good
Mo Bye
This was the first broadcast that I was able to listen to live in a long time instead of after the fact and it was awesome! Hi Royals! I need help with my intro video. I just got on Twitter and periscope and I'm excited. I got some much-needed rest. I've been sick with a cold. I I am in chronic pain and in physical therapy for multiple injuries from overdoing it to exercise my heart from a woman's heart attack. I have gifts I want to share. I'm happy to be a member of the Royal Family. It's reminding me who I am. Today is the day for love happiness peace Joy kindness and gratefulness to Bryant and Jenni for newly-found awareness awareness
Sadiq Ullah
1st time
Marivic Aquino
I'm really love this broadcast . simple reminders come we love you sir Bryant and MDM Jenni
Susie Putnam
I have been following you for 2 years. Love you page. Thank you
Patsy Gulley
We need to use our voice for the benefit of all creation, I do believe God expects that of us!!!
Dorothy Huisman
Beautiful stuff!
Melynda Fitnfab
Exactly what I've been saying. Just had a conversation with my son Davion Coleman. How well can you play the game?!
Connie Cosmas
Hahaha it's an incredible opportunity to read your post s BiG up.
Connie Cosmas
Hahaha it's incredible opportunity to read your post s BiG up.
Jakob Lightness
Thanks for a good video Bryant McGill & Jenni Young. I learn something every time. I'm new here (thanks for membership) and have only see two so far - the first I shared on my wall deceive (you are beautiful in black shirt Bryan). Grinned sweetly from your end in this video. I would say more ... shall we Janni?, yes, no, yes ... Haha;-) It was positive energy in the present. Thank you from Denmark. ❤️
Paula Rezende
Great video! Please, make more videos like this one! #Brazil
Elegent Aries
Nice video
Debbie White
I'm first timer but don't know about it
Svetlana Ben
Playing the game without becoming the game.i like this will be my device
Joe Garza Jr.
Jackie Blair
Courtney May
Thank you
Lizbeth Alejandro Rivera
. 8 q
Symphatique Bahia Moreau
i live in France actually but i am from PHILIPPINES thank you Soo much Brynmcgill ,and Jny
Dinesh Kumar
I like your page year ago from India
Vicky Culanag
I like your page just a month ago im.sharing your messages..cyprus from Philippines
Sugarplum Eve
Hello Sugarplum Eve here from Philippines
Debora Correia
I hope so. Just tired something has to give and it's not going to be me u have given something to someone, they say the don't want it u take it u take it away all of sudden they want, what they had. I am tired I can't any more...
Sammy Learmonth
You guys present in a very real way you do not need to look professional it is perfect how you present yourselves
Symphatique Bahia Moreau
Hi JNY BEAUTIFUL,,your have the power of knowledge
Sammy Learmonth
Been following for a few years
Um Rand
Borh of u look amazing in white
Sophia DeNapoli
Another wonderful broadcast Bryant & Jenni 👑💝👑👏👑
Jan Newell
Ruthann E. O'Connell
No....... I'm very ,very outspoken
Tere Orozco
Joanne Reino Krevis
Have an awesome day!
Lòpez Nilmarly
Ill love to have a spanish page to republish this for my people who need it so much
Julia Robins
I have never heard someone babble on w out getting to the point for so long in my life. What is your point? I still dont understand what you do or why you are talking...
Lòpez Nilmarly
Did my shame free video but it wont let me upload it
Kayla Bellamy-Sandel
First time watcher 😎
Sandra Oneal
# Atlanta, Ga !!!!!!😜
Jaimelyn Osmond
Thank you and good morning! A little late ....👑👑👑👑
Kathy Gange
Been go.following for 3 months enjoying it
Imtiaz Ali
Joyce Traylor
Beautiful house!
Joyce Traylor
I'm a first time watcher ;-)
Van Price
Angela Snoopy
Wonderful words ...nobody has to become a game !
Mary Klemarow
Great topic!You two peas in a loving pod are great together!
Hasina Begum Shely
Linda George
Great postings First timer for the show.
Ana Orr
OMG miss it
Sandra Oneal
Last timer but am enjoying the message !!!😄
Bong Micheal
Really ! ! ! ! ! !
Arin EiAyanni
For me i came on line with face book a few years ago and as a forword thinking positìve person clicked and posted your post straight away.
Frédérique Bertin
I have to go , wish you nice day to both of you . Thank you
Frédérique Bertin
technology like the computer has set me free from all the lies i constantly got from my environment plus all the manipulation from the propaganda from TV . Technology is wonderfull .
Tanya Cook
Kathey Snape
Great message thank you
Kim Lorraine
First time
C-ring Chokíï
Hi gud morning
Akram Ali Malek
Akram Ali Malek
Akram Ali Malek
Patricia White
USA . Durham, N.C
MgWin MgWin
Cherie Smith
Been watching and reading post for 12 months or more, I find it hard to put things into place though, I get shut down when I voice my veiws on things, just like to say Jenny is beautiful ,
Frédérique Bertin
I dislike the country where I live but than I just abstract it and I just feel like I am no where special any more , more like every where on the same time
Marilyn Mandy Cooke
Thank you so much for today! Lots of insight of how to handle a terrible situation Im going through. You gave me the tools today, Thank you from North Cyrus ❤️
Frédérique Bertin
I don't know since when I do follow you , no idea . But I enjoy to Watch you both .
Francoise Saintcyr
❤️❤️❤️you guys
Kirsty Anne Main
Just came across you guys. And I'm hooked very true ! # Kirsty from Glasgow
Rebecca Holleran
I love the smooth jazz playing in the background of your broadcast. .thank your broadcasts
Jeff Mcclure
Im brand new
Jeff Mcclure
I'm brand new
Patricia White
First time watching
Phyo Phyo
she heal
Paz Emilia
Dale Summers
First time watching,but I've followed the posters for a long time.
Colleen Alice Louw
I am new .... SA
Stefanie Pross
Rhiannon Pross Hannah Piggott
Zandy Barron
Thank you its good to hear what you have been saying as I have very similar outlook.I have struggled with my own attitude twards success.I have a great gift as an Occupational therapist here in the UK.Finding work as a self employed person.Born in the U.S.A culturally fitting in over here.So thank you guys you two cheer me up.Love to you both.
Abdullah Mohmand
First time each in. .. doing great
Linda Bousson
Annie Jordan
28 posts to my fone fair go this is ridiculous
Paz Emilia
Australia. We love you too!
Priyanka Khanna Dang
Sarah Kats
My first-time live
Ankica Sched
Yes I feel powerless and voiceless and powerless. 7 million followers, WOW.... You can double it, I have faith that you will for sure.
Paz Emilia
You're good guys...
Marina Heymans Botha
This is always the most touching and deep post I have ever received!Simple Is Soul food for me. Lots of blessings. Greetings.
Paz Emilia
You're funny...
Renie Constantinou
Merry Romero
Yes so very nice congrats.!
Elisete Marques
Hello from UK, Mansfield. It`s my firt time. Tks for your share.
Jack JerBoa
Yes Yes Man
Bonnie Bono
Omg!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!! 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️❤️💰💰💰💰✨✨✨✨✨✨✌🏼️✌🏼
Angela Burnett
Hi fom Adelaide Australia. Been with you for 1-2 years💞
Cindy J Stahl
Thank you for hanging out👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Laura Scott-Forrest
I need to put time aside and get right into this. So much positive feedback. Must Get some time out today..............
Yasser Krimly
Greetings from Saudi Arabia
Susan Gompot
I remember look back that time when my daughter start in freshmen in college study in school uneversity I have nothing to for there tuition,I go to church to make prayer then un expectedly when going home my sister in community share me to applay my daughter schollar of CHEED,I go to rush city office to get form to applay and with the Blessings my daughter granted as CHEED scholar,she enjoy a four years schollar,she graduate she graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and with GOD Blessings she is now working.
Melissa Henderson Cooksey
I find You and Jenni to be enlightening. Thank You..:)
Annmarie Fowler
Thank you so much, both of you, for your time, gift and talents, dear ❤️ More than this, thank you so much for your large loving hearts, and for the passion that fires your need to help all of us to grow and develop, for it is giving us hope, and a future happiness ❤️ Bless you ❤️ Lots of love xxx
Melissa Henderson Cooksey
I have been following the post for approximately 2 Years. :)
Ioana Mihaela
In the 17 min that i could spare nothing was actually said. Just random thoughts / words. Be more specific and decrease your presentation time. Thanks
Greg Dutilly
there is a great community here.
Shirley Jones
The only thing I have left in my life is trying not to let people walk all over me given half a chance they will so not reacting is very difficult when you have so many people that want to take you down to make them selves feel good
Jules Elizabeth
Hi from me in Australia.
Heidi Hendrickson-Thompson
Thanks, I have enjoyed a couple of your videos, since I joined, a few days ago!
Corey Klueber
That's great news! But a little heads up when your going to broadcast would be nice !
Amie Richards
Missed the live broadcast watching the video 💗👄💗
Uttam Das
Thanks a lot
Nellie A Perez
Harry Brister
You two freaking rock!!! I love it!
Sarala Devi G
I enjoy to see n listen to both of you...I'm from India
Liliane Dubois
I have not understood, sorry, a question : brexit or not ?
Zubia Muneer
Haya Nadeem
Tiffany Kilgore
Ty 4sharing your wisdom & guidance. U r making a difference n the lives of many!!! Bless u, ty! :-)
Indi Siagian
Vantas Sinaga
Colleen Murray
About 2 yrs☺
Suha Loulou Zimmo
I've been following you for a month
Mellissa Masessa
Thank you! Couldn't have come at a better time! Howed ya know???
Boris Szczygielski
I am pretty new love it and here for good.
when you read page Irene say hi to you both.Hugs and Kisses Thanks..
Linda J. Lane
I can't get in. I don't know if it is my phone or what?
Linda J. Lane
Annmarie Fowler
# Isle of Lewis, off of the North West coast of Scotland ❤️
Cindy Sjerven-Setterstrom
Toune Chareunsouk
first time! really want to get some advise from you.
DM Cristoking
I have been following for three months
Daisy Flower
Daisy Flower
John Dobosz
Neisha Khan
Long time follower of your posters, great job!
Liping Feng
you are awesome, Kim McKinstry (Y)!
Mary Louise Flood
Just started following
Jennifer Barger
I'm 2nd timer,I love you guys,I'm Jenni also.Im starting a new buisness and it's all about networking thru social media and I have always worked my ass off cleaning houses.So huge change!I NEED SO MUCH HELP AND ENCOURAGMENT,BECAUSE MY FAMILY THINK IT'S ALL BS!!!
Annita Maria
Iam realy loving it ❤ So i#nspiredexcitedenvolvinglove
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
Heather Marsh hmmmmm ?!?! Go for it then sweetie! I'm empowered to stick to my path outside the box and empower myself and the World from within, not the 'game', but you know what they say... it takes all kinds to make the world go around, so we all have our place 💖
Cathy Jones
Michele Stuart
Two weeks
Joan Denise Wanner
God Bless Your Souls. The middle ground is easy to find it's usually thick., for me, what makes life worth living is the 75%thing**
Debra Joy
# Texas, USA
Mahara Rang
Bridgette Suzette
When we force ourselves to find love we are settling for what our subconscious thinks is good for us. Stop, let go, love and put yourself first and the universe will bring you what you need when you least expect it.
Rupa Shah
I missed it..
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
Hi from Montreal! brrrrrrrrr! 🤗
Heather Marsh
I'm empowered to learn the game !
Juvailen Liyun
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
Don't. That is the true key to empowering your self to empower the world 💖🌍👁🙏
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
i love you 💖 🙏👁🌍
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
I love you too 💖
Brooke Lillith
Rock Eric Ramos 😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️
Annmarie Fowler
I've been following for three years ❤️ This is the first time I've joined this. ❤️
Bie-ann Lardizabal
big help for me. It motivates me to be a good person and it helps me in my everyday life... Love it when you dance!!!
Brooke Lillith
Hi my beautiful angel Amanda Churchill 💗😎💗
Babi Westergaard
Well, what is this all about? do you enjoy hearing your own voices? I just watched a while, nothing you said was of this a new format of entertainment? God help me, can sell anything these days. .Hsh
Debera Meredith
, new to watching you guys and enjoying it immensely on Carson City Nevada
Brooke Lillith
Kevin Williams 💗😎💗💗
Joy Balayo Canja
Wow lovely nice thought &wisdom cheers WORLD
Lori Herndon
Jonathan Stoor
Hey I'm a very open and honest person I would like a job if you guys are okay with that butt I want to know what you need from me to get that job done
Aseht Ramos Manera
1st time
Ayleen Sandoval
Hi tris is my Second time!!! I'm fascinated with you guys!!! I'm from Guatemala
Debra Joy
I love your relaxed, spontaneous format!
Sally Murillo
First time watching:-) Thank you :-)
Debra Joy
Only following the last 2 months. Fonda Caffey sent me to you.
Larry Nisbett
1st time Larry Nisbett
Debra Joy
Hello! Happy you're back!
Marissa Vaccaro
Love u back!! Ty!!🌻
Nomer Realoza Aguirre
Janet Freeman
Khaksar Sumalan
Like _
Noelle Dodge
Michael Ochoa
I see your blowing up the comments ! Is no one else commenting ??
Geraldine Gido Ojenra
Hi everyone
Vasiliy Levantsevych
Please have part 2 tomorrow about this I love this debate lol I just want to help people hear that money is happiness but as in spidermen movie when you got power you got huge responsibility
Ghera Vijay
I'm not believed British so what. ..
Misty Gilbert
Yep, Manson but faster speaking. Still have no idea.
Ghera Vijay
Everyone fake .......
Misty Gilbert
No offense,I have no idea what this is about but I hope it is not like Manson.
Medo Barca
Jennifer Stidham
Bye bye!
Jacqueline Marie Vatalaro
Oh boy. I missed it!
Vasiliy Levantsevych
Like I am able to take a case study like an life issues or life problems create a mathematical model of an equation create the equation and solve it until 20 to 30 minutes in my head
Wendi Lyn
Hello Lalie Nieto. Good night. 😊💕👑
Reynita Bonita Jasso
Debra Joy
Missed notification, gonna go back in and watch. I hate it when I miss!
Karen Rose
Living in grace is only done thru Christ Jesus
Camille Perez
Thanks guys..
Vasiliy Levantsevych
The rich stuff I love but some do not know it how it is hard to get it. This is not an argument intended but a student who studies Mathematics like crazy because math solves my problems
Sharmaine Irish Metiam
Umair Hanif
outstanding think. . . deeply concept. . . :)
GoHar Nawaz
Love you
Patty Dalmau
I graduated from the same School of Hatd Knocks with honors, I also asked to work for theroyals over a month ago but got no response🤔😔
Jeanette Cox
I love the sparkle in your eyes when you are doing these broadcasts! Thank you for your love and time!! Love you guys!
Tammy Prochazka
If you comment, you will get messages.
Umair Hanif
#Pakistan Helo. . .
Melissa Kougl Zoske
Chibuzor Surrogate
Love it.....
Brenda Mcgee
Give this a look!It's fantastic!
Pamela England
Mo Bye
Okay..bye for now👏👏👑👑💙💛thank you!!
Karen Guthrie Haun
Lost connection
Meg Downey
Thank you
Lo-uis Montelongo
Dang dont go,guess tell next time
Sharon Toiber
Hola, Larry Schmidt ❤
Candy N Maduro
Awesome..thank you...Nighty night🙏🏽
Norma Allex
Julie M. Castillo
Ursula Dachowski
Great message :)
Laura Melissa Mudge
Have a wonderful night
Irina Budileanu
You guys rock!!
RM Alexander
So great to see you two happy!
A Thousand Petals
Sweet Dreams everyone ❤️
Zho An
i lost the signals
Brooke Lillith
Eleonora Serravillo-Graci
♔♕ #LoveYouAll #Ciao ♕♔
Miti Shad
Loveeeee u ❤️❤️❤️
Sama H Akbar
Noelle Dodge
It's a great feeling
Jennifer Cote
Byr Rob
Goodnight love you guys!!
Jéssica Mujeiko Eichler
Debra Petrovic
Love you too💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Sama H Akbar
Goodnight Bryant
Olga Demi
Good night :-)
Michele Cadle
Michelle Rae Fino
Love u,
Rafael Fco Sanz
Brooke Lillith
Open forever love you all
Iris Dc Keith
Hi there
Terry Love Morrison
This was a great part one! Thanks!!!!!❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑
Nora Zoe
Laurie Lankins Farley
Linda J. Lane
Live ya
Mala Devi
Thank you
Vasiliy Levantsevych
Love bro
Gloria Mendoza
Nite nite!
Carol Rosenblum
Love you Guys
Elijah SampSon West
I'm excited
Dan Menard
Bye jenny 😘
Sherri Cartwright
Love you, Good night !
Simone C. Thorsteinsson
I love you
Amanda Churchill
Goodnight Bryant & Jenni
Karen Harris
Love you too
Chris Crooks
Dawn Kanne
Tracy L Hall Buckley
Safalta Singh
Bye 👋
Mackenzie Cerda
Ok thanks!!
Reynita Bonita Jasso
Good night royals sweet dreams 💕✨🌹👑💫👼
Darlene Rese
Bye bye
Divyesh Patel
April Drake
Thank you for your time, information, and wisdom. Very helpful👑
Norma Allex
You two are a wonderful couple.... Would love to keep going!
Annita Maria
Brandy Robertson
Love u
Halos Heart
Do yall ever sleep?
Donna LiAne
Love y'all too!!!
Byr Rob
Nora Zoe
Brooke Lillith
I'm being so open
Jess Marie
Kevin Williams
Thank you, I love you
Kim Holderness
Karen VanderZee
Iqbal Asif
Maisie M. Edwards
Pelden Zala Abhi
Luv u too...bue
Debra Joy
Get some rest, catch up later
Suzanne Culver Buscaglia
Jéssica Mujeiko Eichler
Sama H Akbar
Goodnight Jenni
Tina Bonadiman
What drives you to help otbers...where does your knowledge come from? Your insight in very freeing bug hard to believe will work for the average person. Open to a kind gentler world.
Julie Martinez
Melissa Rose Rothschild
Love yalllll
Becky Williams Jennings
Format?? I need to recreate something that is new. I have no formula to following. It was so easy before. I don't mean easy as in minus the sacrifices & hard work. I just require creating something that's not very common, but essential for me..
Alyona Barker
Thank you :-) love you x
Helen Garcia
Your one happy camper
Brandy Robertson
Love u
ChristiAnn Gutierrez
Thank you Bryant and Jenni! Much love
Naomi Davis
Money Don't bring happiness!! Keep Going.
Linda J. Lane
Simone C. Thorsteinsson
Rebecca Helen Daniels
Thank you both so very much 👑👑👑👑👑
Jona Kuhn
I found what i was looking for
Shelley Ann Hughes Goings
Nickesha Lovelace
Love and light ❤️
Noelle Dodge
Love to you!
Angelique Menks
Nite Royals......💋❤️😍😘💗😍
Laurie Lankins Farley
Find what u look for
Sajeda Manzoor
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ you gave smile to so many face😊😊😊😊😊
Nora Zoe
Come back. Good night.
Catherine Elizabeth Kayter
Bryant I TOO have a miracle to speak to you about! Please contact ME!!! 💖🙏🙅🏻👑
Ron Richardson
Jess Marie
Love you ❤❤❤
Catherine Reardon
Good night to you both Royal royal 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Cindy Martin Pennington
Thank you love U too!!
Jill-momo Bani Akal
love u
Iqbal Asif
Love you two always
Michelle Jacobs
Till next time guys!
Pelden Zala Abhi
It was beautiful....
Wendi Barnes
Have a good night 💛👑
Noelle Dodge
Thank you!!!!!
Byr Rob
Im looking at it
Pamela Wilson
Love. And blessings
Silvia Bianco
Thank you so much guys. Love you
McGill Media
New Youtube
Edna Blanco
Tracy L Hall Buckley
Elijah SampSon West
Let us know
Tina Dill Tappy
Isaiah Kimball
I love life when I'm living for love in my life
Rafael Fco Sanz
Yeah working on that
Karen Harris
Open open open
Atul Mehta Manuni
Gloria Walker Randolph
Brandy Robertson
Love u to
David Horsley
What you seek, seeks you
Jeffery Thorn
Thank you Bryant & Jenni 👑❤
Nickesha Lovelace
Sleep well tonight ❤️
Melissa Kougl Zoske
Thank YOU!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Jethamhaey Rendon Tuante
Gloria Mendoza
Found it!
Jason Lee Newell
Love What Your Both Doing*!
Son OftheMoon
Mala Devi
Annita Maria
Looking for love
Vasiliy Levantsevych
Tina Dill Tappy
love you all too ❤️
Misty Gilbert
Coffe will help on your break. Lol come right back.
Linda J. Lane
Have to focus on good even if there is only a few good things or you will be miserable
Karin Mucci
Thank you 2 so very much:-) I'm very open.
Kim McKinstry
Love you all. Sweet people. Thank you Bryant & Jenni. 💖💖💖👑👑👑👑👑👑
Michelle Rae Fino
Mariela Torres
Goodnight that sounds beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💕😊
Brooke Lillith
Wendi Lyn
Hello Amanda. Late here. Have a good day.
Gina Radilla
#new #life #new #beginning :D
Brandy Robertson
God bless u both
Jinylyn Vasquez Welsh
Get your rest
Donna LiAne
Iqbal Asif
Reynita Bonita Jasso
You need sleep Bry and beautiful Jenni love you tons 👑💫🌹✨💕
Tommy Thompson
Love, peace, harmony! 👍🙂
Majda Hana
Great idea could help me l quit from my Job today hhhhhhhh
Tracy Thistle Samuels
Late for me...I'm in Nova Scotia Canada
Safalta Singh
Thank you so much both of you. Always look forward to your live broadcast

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