Freedom fighters De-constructing the parallel false reality. Escaping Total Surrogacy.

Freedom fighters. Real community. De-constructing the parallel false reality. Our Royal Environment. The power of the situation and environment. Total Surrogacy. { Replacement Surrogacy. } See More...

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Charity Draper
Bry Mc, I love watching these to hear and see the difference in audio and lighting. What a year can do!
Shelly Watson
How about calling it a Cry Cleanse?
Linda J. Lane
Wow amazing i am still trying to heal from 18 years of late stage Lyme. Vitamins supplements trying so many things. So afraid of parasites and not sure what to do because doctors don't even test for them and some of my friends with Lyme disease found out they have parasites and that freaks me out
Linda J. Lane
This is so important to know make sure you dont develope symptoms.
Linda J. Lane
Linda J. Lane
Oh dear, strep is a dangerous one I would go see your doctor, if you don't treat it with antibiotics it can make you really sick later as it stays in your system and can even get into your heart. I read that somewhere. Please let your doctor know you had it. It is one of those illnesses you should treat because it can be serious consequences if you don't. Look it up. My daughter kept getting reoccurring strep throat and her doctor was adamant about treating it with antibiotics because of the dangerous.
Linda J. Lane
I hate when I miss your live streams. I was out shopping then putting stuff away. But at least I xan watch you now. Love how you always seem to stay positive. You always have a great message too.
Jan Terhune
Quiet time is good time. Bryant
Sherry Bennett
HAPPY TEARS are OK .. :)
Sherry Bennett
Sherry Bennett
Sherry Bennett
No apology necessary, we love you.. :)
Sherry Bennett
Hey My Royals, Bryant & Jenni, love coming your way :)
Sherry Bennett
Feel, better Bryant ❤️
Sherry Bennett
Hey Bryant and Jenni, from Hampton, Virginia, lots of love coming your way :)
Sherry Bennett
Hey there Bryant and Jenni, much love coming to you from Hampton, Virginia :)
Teresa Sapphire Horner
Hello im from Tennessee. Really love you both. Im battling alot of things right now so plz keep me in your prayers. You all are ppl tht give love. I learn alot from you all crown royals
Traci Nicole
Afternoon friends!
Eileen Stack
yes missed you both so much but glad you are well again Bryant
Kim Newis
Hello both ,lovely to see you. 💜 live in the UK.
Kenneth Marsh Kimani
Crying is absolutely ok, it's release of heavy emotions and in a short time
Magnolia Htun
Thank you. I'm trying so hard ....I will be so.
Magnolia Htun
Hi! I'm watching your video.👀👀👀
Magnolia Htun
Hello! Nice to see you again!😊😊😊
Lori LeCompte Christopher
Hey y'all, long time no see ❤️ Great to see y'all again
Ghada Oweis
Carlos Akpet
Hello I can't say thank you enough.. I am still battling with my old habits..i am feeling realy bad that I have gon back to things I say I will never do again
Beth Bonsall
When you help enough other people get what they want, you automatically get what you want.
Valerie Hamel
Thank you both for your caring and inspirational words .....
Heather Gill Swint
Jeanette Aquino Edano
Bryant McGill
Join us at the Royal Society
Lin Almond
Hi there
John Burchill
looks like night time there..... :)

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