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Making Peace With Your Inner Jackass with Bryant & Jenni On the Go at GoMcGill

Making Peace With Your Inner Jackass with Bryant & Jenni "On the Go!" at GoMcGill

Making peace with your inner jackass. Hulking out. Royal Bragging. How to get Royal treatment. Live streaming. SRN. New thought leadership. Production issues. Royal technology. Open-mindedness. Making videos. #BeRoyal (Low-res re-upload. This was just deleted by FB with over 50,000 views) See More...

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Gwen Brown
Loved this video surprised myself for watching it to the end I have just made a lot of changes in my life and I can't wait to be a royal. All I can do is try and I'm never gonna give up! Thanks for the hard work you do to connect with people. Love it!
K'le Mahealani Kawelo
That's cute baby. Lol BRYANT&JENNI...so cute!
Tracey Smith
Heck, this one one forever ago...and I thought I was on the ball. :)
Tracey Smith
Just got smart and using my smart phone to catch you two and loving it. :) I once shared with my dad when we had a difference of opinion "that opinions are like assholes, we've all got one." Dad was pissed with me and bolted off. I was taught to do what I was told and not stand up for myself...back in the day! About 5 years later my dad and I had another difference of opinion "he looks at me and says you know Tracey opinions are like assholes we've all got one." I laughed out loud and Loved that my dad heard me that day. Dad's been gone for years now and know that he's seeing things from a new light. ~ Love you two, it's a Tasters Taste Moment! ❤️ :) ❤️ ...it's a perfect Royal ending. Thanks for your encouragement and I shall come visit you soon. :)
Carol Sundin
I am
Carol Sundin
Congratulations on the 4.5 Million loyal followers
Flor Bela Flowerchild
Just watching this broadcast... I haven't done my video. I love connecting with people but to be honest a bit awkward about making my video. I praise and congratulate all those that have done theirs. They are absolutely royal. Love you guys. By listening to you now, I believe I will build up my courage to do one. ❤️ Blessings
Derrick L White
Terri Carnett
@Brian & Jenni pls tell me that not all prior taping shave been lost??! I loved being able to refer back to a live stream conversation !! Like when you suggested something to help w a sinus infection I remb that stream & when I heard all was lost in lost😞 now what to do~ I admire your healthy lifestyle & I'm a LOYAL ROYAL 👑💖🎥 What was that suggestion, for a sinus infection?? Anyone remember??
Marinda Alba Seiwell
So glad I was finally able to sit and watch this ! I feel like you were talking right to me. I'm honored to know you and Jenni Young even in the context of just the broadcasts and posts, and also to be part of the Royals ! I don't see arrogance at all ...I see confidence and well earned status. You guys are a delightful couple. You can see the respect and honor you have for each other in the way you interact. Just another way you are a great example to all of us !!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Christie Annice
I love listening to your perspectives and love the balance between you and Jen. When I have had a challenging experience with a date, I look at you to and know what I seek is possible. ☺
Christie Annice
I was about to suggest you tube link to..☺
Marie Bonte
si tu es la personne à qui je pense, tu connais la réponse au fond de toi alors prends ton courage à 4 mains et fais ce que ton coeur te dit de faire et tu verras 'cette drogue' finira par te laisser tranquille car tu ne vivras plus dans le virtuel mais tu vivras quand je pense que l'on est maintenant quasiment obligé de dire dans la VRAIE VIE, je ne savais pas qu'il y avait une FAUSSE VIE je sais qu'il existe l'imagination mais là tout le monde le sait vivre à travers les réseaux qui n'ont que de noms sociaux, est une aberration c'est la mort de l'homme au profit des machines et des robots l'homme deviendra alors un gentil robot à terme car il deviendra aliéné à force que ne pouvoir trouver le repos dans les bras bien veillant de l'amour...un jour j'ai dit que c'était impossible d'aimer tout le monde qu'il fallait mettre des barrières et tu m'as répondu oh si croyez moi .. quand vont elles reprendre vos vraies discutions ? celles qui sont constructives et non destructives.....
Lesley Jeffery
Could you put the videos on YouTube as well? 💫
Mona Marie
How did it get deleted? Make them get it back - this looks like our city in Florida!! Gosh I just love you both I have only started listening since yesterday and I thought where have they been lol it is really excellent.. I love the honesty and the charisma!! God Bless
Jane McNamara
I love that you sometimes talk to the dog not the person, I love that you both have such beautiful smiles, I love when you put on your lip balm as you are doing your live streams, I love the way beautiful Jenni bobs around in the background & how you are such a great team together, I love that I have made my 1st be Royal video I love that I am A ROYAL too x wishing you both a 'Fantastic Friday' & a 'Sensational Saturday' too =D x ❤️
Strat Martha
Smaller length videos 30min max. Then just add the 2th part for another 30min. And see how it works out in the live stream
Monica Valenzuela
Tammi Marie Bale
im not where i want to be but i damned sure not where i used to be
Christy Wilkinson
Might try Mari Smith for some help.

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