The answer to so many of our problems is greater literacy, community and compassion. The power of "getting to know one another" is so immense, eclipsed only by first getting to know ourselves. Meeting another human is always a sacred event. We must become reacquainted with our true human selves, and not the modern avatar of a "person": a commoditized, corporatized, homogenized, zombified, denatured, consumer-worker drone. Humans have become speculative commodities incarnate, with their life force as a gross product traded on the open markets. And like monetary cyborgs, our human resource currency is mixed and bundled with exotic financial instruments to the extent that no one really knows where the product ends and the human begins. We have lost our humanity to the decimal point. Through a financial coup d'etat over the human soul, we have lost our purpose, and many people see no way to escape the endless manipulation and coercion of modern life, which controls us through the fear of "losing everything"; mostly created and false needs. The total commoditization of the natural world has placed a veritable lien against the spirit of nature, and plagued once beautiful cities with capitalist eyesores, such as billboards and advertisements, which now appear on cars, houses, and even people.

— Bryant McGill

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