Anxiety is intrinsic to life because the current social construct is such a fraud. In order to play the fraudulent game of modern life, one must assume an unnatural and fraudulent role; the role of an anti-human. Anti-humanism comes in the form of forced structures of consistency, social protocols, and rules of emotional conduct, which are utterly alien to beings as inconsistent, momentary, emotional, and impulsive as human beings. Each person is bound tightly in a behaviorally isometric strait-jacket of contradictions; a psychic contortion that leaves the hobbled soul jittering between impossible and unnatural forms of human being. The goodly and civil role is an anti-human posture, where the wild untamed soul is splayed upon the mental rack, like medieval torture, to bend and shunt the frighteningly splendid phenomenon of a free form soul, into an unnatural state, to thereafter be called, natural. This is how we become, and live the life, of the unnatural natural. Alan Watts' speaks to the spirit of the unnatural natural in his "social double-blind game," of which, "the first rule of this game is that it is not a game", with further contradictory rules, such as, "everyone must play" (or else), and, "be yourself, but play a consistent and acceptable role," and "control yourself, but be natural," and, "try to be sincere." Our fraudulent "real life" is an M.C. Escher-like impossible staircases into higher and more peaceful states of consciousness for individuals and society, for the rules of this game, are unsolvable puzzles, that keep us all in a constant state of anxiety.

— Bryant McGill

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