Aren't you tired of conforming? When you are around people, be who you are when you're alone. If you act falsely, everything around you will be false. When you hide who you are it's just like a ticking time-bomb. Think about all the acting you do; playing roles at work, with your parents or children and your partner. This is a major reason people become depressed and self-medicate or pop happy pills. Don't give in just to keep the facade going. If you keep faking perfect for everyone — one day either it will all fall apart, or you will. A life crisis happens when you haven't been being honest about who you are, and if you think a crisis isn't coming, you are lying to yourself. When you are honest, and there is nothing to hide, your life will adjust. Honesty is one of the greatest luxuries in the world. Don't be someone who has everything but can't afford the truth. Think about who you are when you are alone and start being that person full time.

— Bryant McGill

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