Awareness changes the world, because awareness changes your mind. When you change your mind, how you experience the world changes with it. Awareness makes you powerful. Awareness is power. The greater your awareness; the greater your power. Developing awareness is a practice of deep and active sensing, perceiving, feeling, and most importantly, connecting. And when connecting, it is also important to connect with emptiness. An expanded mind does not mean full to the brim; open spaces are beautiful too. Just as pure silence is more than observation, as it informs from non-observation, greater awareness is not exclusively about observing. Awareness is more than a form of observation, it is also a magical absence of form, which opens the space for that which is unknown to arrive. Life is speaking to you, through the portal of your awareness. Each step toward greater awareness, unlocks gifts and freedoms, which can only be granted from within. Most of what we miss out on in life, is simply because we do not notice. Allow new awareness to bring you the gifts for-which your soul has restlessly been longing. Allow awareness to complete you.

— Bryant McGill

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