Becoming more aware is the most practical form of enlightenment. Awareness is the carrier of opportunity. What is missing from your life, is often only what you cannot perceive enough to realize. Herein, is a new perspective on problems stemming from, "shortsightedness." Let's make a distinction between "overlooked, missed-it, or, forgot" — and not having the eyes, or the awareness, to see in the first place. There is so much there for you, at the far-peripheral of your vision. This even includes how you see, and appraise yourself, along with how you see others. Real vision is about awareness. The solution to nearly every problem in the world comes down to greater awareness, because when you are aware, you can see more — the bigger picture. Our problems don't exist because we hate each other, they exist because we do not fully see each-other. Hate is only blindness. We seldom actually know people; we only know our misinformed judgements. When we truly see each other, we call it friendship, or love. We consider as sacred, the high points that reach our low awareness, and give little attention to what is below our observation line. That's another way of saying we are missing almost everything. The gifts are everywhere. Special moments are labeled, "touching," or "emotional," — but really, those moments are not rare; they are just the moments we remember, through awareness.

— Bryant McGill

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