As beings who have been raised, educated and trained in violence, we are violence. This means we also self-inflict violence, because violence is our only way of relating to the world, to others and to ourselves. You keep yourself in check through violence, and that is how the invisible prison works. It is a form of self hate. The mind is the first level of the control prison, where your own thoughts are like a jailer, guard or a violent captor, which through time you have come to know and protect in a perverse paradox of self-imposed Stockholm syndrome. Society itself, including the marketplace of commerce is the second level of the prison yard, and the socioeconomic pecking order of the other prisoners governs the majority, keeping most people obediently submissive and in check. The third level is the system itself, which wears a mask of civility, yet will quickly reveal its true nature in the form of raw, unadulterated and magnificently-purposed force of violence when needed to suppress any threat to its true grip of absolute control.

— Bryant McGill

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