I do not believe violent games and entertainment directly "turn us" into violent people. I do however, believe violent entertainment adds something to the ambient cultural and personal psychological narrative — it taints its inherent innocence. Violent entertainment is absorbed, and while we may disagree about what happens after, it is assimilated by the consciousness. Even if violent entertainment does not shape us at all, it is still an expression of who we are through our interests. I was once a gamer and addicted to violent entertainment. I decided along the way that I wanted to feed my body and consciousness more carefully. The time we have in life to observe and feel the magnificent experience of living — is limited. Realizing there was enough real horror in life, I decided to distance myself from unnecessarily created madness. Instead of immersing myself in fictional dramas, I found real dramas and suffering in the world that needed my attention — starting with me. I quit watching TV for twenty years. I began avoiding negative themes in people, food, entertainment and life. The more I avoided violent and manipulative entertainment the more things changed for me for the better. Rather than spending my time immersed in negative entertainment, I spent my time positively by learning and developing myself. It is not just violent entertainment either. The media is a weapon pointed at your consciousness. I began applying a biological cellular-membrane model to my consciousness by becoming a gatekeeper and only allowing in what was good for me.

— Bryant McGill

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