By bombarding each person with hundreds-of-thousands of commercial messages per year, the technocratic, consumer research scientists have created a new fork in the road of human evolution. Through generations of cradle-to-grave consumer conditioning, and lifelong intra-cerebral media-drips, the emergence of a new psychological species has arrived, the Homo sapiens-consumere. We have become a highly specialized species of docile, obedient consumers. We are a material goods and brands, hunter-gather society of hominids standing upright to shop. Science, which promised enlightenment for the future of humanity, has been hired-away by international corporations to transform human beings into subservient creatures addicted to fruitless consumerism and mindless entertainment. At the dawn of a new millennium and era, many have been disappointed to discover that even transhumanism, is less about a singularity of human consciousness or quantum evolution, and more about the quasi-cybernetic peripheral adornment of gadgets, handbags, and designer glasses.

— Bryant McGill

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