At a certain point on this journey, I began disconnecting from the construct of illusions in the consumer driven, consensus-reality called, "the modern civilized world." I turned off the television for two decades. I unplugged myself. I worked to erase the programming that had been sewn into the fabric of my consciousness by our society's hidden masters. I began dismantling the artificial edifices that had been erected in my heart, mind and soul since birth, by unknown builders. Brick by brick, word by word: advertisements, slogans, cliches, judgments — layer by layer, I took down the false idols and symbols of identity, belief, self, pride, ego, ambition, and so-called knowledge. I questioned every belief and fact a person can "know." I doubted everything, especially, all of that which I professed to "know" with absolute certainty. Something in me told me not to believe! Unknowing became my comfortable friend.

— Bryant McGill

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