Change can arrive in an instant, or slowly settle around you over the years. One day things are just different. Maybe something happens, or you just happen to notice, that everything, including you, has changed. Who we think we are is often who we were many years ago. Maybe this is why we are always trying to find ourselves. But time eventually shows us everything we need to see. Change is always illuminating; casting a shadow behind us of all the things we mourn through loss — about the way things once were. We all look back, and then forward again, as the brightness of what lies ahead catches our eye with its clarity. New things carry the charm of freshness and wonder. What is new arrives with the excitement and awe of that which is unordinary; sometimes as blessings, and at other times as calamity. New beginnings, even when wonderful can be so scary, carrying the tensions of every doubt and every hope you have ever endured. All change takes courage. Change insists we endure its ceaseless queries. Change is always asking us questions that are only answered when we choose. How will you choose to remember yesterday? How will you choose to see tomorrow? Can you bare the heartbreak that comes with living and loving? Will you dare to once again believe in something beautiful? Look back once or twice, but not for too long, for change is calling you to tomorrow, to receive all that is new and full of hope.

— Bryant McGill

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