To even have a conversation about uncommon brilliance you must develop a new vocabulary of freedom, which is mostly foreign in corporate cultures. This communication involves a type of two-way trust between you and your "employees". There are many ways we contract with others. Repressive relationships create resentment, while trusting relationships create the free space for magic to happen. Cultivating creative magic is like growing crystals; with the proper ingredients and environment the laws of nature take over and the crystals appear. It is the same when we are trying to crystalize production of the most coveted human resource—creative brilliance. First, the right environment and ingredients must be present. It is your job as a leader to provide those ingredients and environment, and then let the laws work for you. Similar to the laws guiding the formation of crystals are constructs which allow ideas to flourish and crystallize in the mind. It is not the job of leadership to force or direct creative output, but only to create the environment. Creative culture is achieved through wise and gentle cultivation, not direct manipulation.

— Bryant McGill

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