It is difficult to comprehend some of the hateful and vicious acts of barbarism such as domestic abuse, rape, child marriages, female circumcision and genital mutilation, dowry deaths, acid throwing, and so-called honor killings. Ultimately, all of these crimes serve one purpose, and that is to keep the women from sitting at the table of conversation regarding the balance of power. The deeply embedded game of "the boys versus the girls" we have all observed in the school yard continues to play itself out as the stakes are increased in the great game of life. It is in the venue of these highly-competitive life games that the finely-tuned and unbalanced male sense of competition and his artificial war-consciousness are focused on the woman competitor, to obliterate her rights and suppress her highest worthy forms of female leadership. Since childhood, the male war-consciousness has made a life-long study of the female mind. This study is similar, in almost every way, to the study of an enemy before battle, which is used to achieve a perverse victory of domination — naturally and almost subconsciously. As masters of war and domination some men turn their warcraft against women in their pursuit of conquest and ownership. The problem is that many mothers, as a part of a cycle of violence themselves, unwittingly participate in the cultivation of the psychological instruments of oppression within the male consciousness. These unnatural psychologies are later used against the very women in society who first nurtured and ultimately crippled the male during upbringing. This is because the males have been groomed since birth, according to the specifications of a sick and perverse society, to become instruments of war.

— Bryant McGill

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