To escape our anxiety we must accept, and make peace, with the contradictions of life. Though not commonly considered, there are many non-fiction applications of suspension of disbelief, especially in a false world of illusions. Suspension of disbelief is a vital life skill for anyone who wants to live in the real world. By suspending disbelief we can believe in ourselves. We can and should begin to accept imagination as a part and form of reality, because human reality is inseparable from imagination. We can live life as broader spectrum beings, with the best qualities of children, by healing our affliction of adultism, which severed us from communing with our vast inner-child. Your inner-child, like the truly natural newborn; a sort of aboriginal proto-human of consciousness — unbound and god-like, is born into a cultural cocktail of sedation, constriction, and programming, often called, love. Natural curiosity and playful interface of innocence, only forgivable as a child, is what is seen in adults as hedonism, or insanity. The true loss of innocence is when freedom becomes shameful, and shame becomes freedom. We accept the mantel of shame in order to transition into the adult life of freedom. This is how we trade inhibition for tradition. This is how we lose ourselves. All loss of power begins with shame, and suppression of what is deemed bad in our nature.

— Bryant McGill

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