When you come eye to eye with a fully conscious person; you will never forget it. You may not even understand what happened or why you felt the way you did, but you will know something special happened. There was something in their eyes. That feeling is your soul calling you home and reminding you to reawaken from your slumber and come back into yourself. Sometimes it is a beautiful experience, and sometimes it is scary. Perhaps they see something more clearly than we do, and they tell us what they see and it offends us because we are being protective, defensive and territorial. But sitting with our feelings of being threatened is one of the fastest ways to heal and grow! When you feel offended or judged, it can be because you feel uncomfortable with yourself, and you are insecure about something that someone is calling to your attention. Some upset can be very good for us. Truth that exposes your denial can feel like judgment. If you feel yourself being judged, don't always trust those feelings. Look for what you may be denying about yourself. These feelings all inform you. Instead of shutting them out by reflex, just try to open yourself to what your feelings are really trying to communicate to you. Listen and learn from your reactions.

— Bryant McGill

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