Too few leaders understand the style of benevolent governing that sets the best in people free. Creating an organic creative culture takes patience and a true understanding of the importance of freedom and respect. Control and domination do yield some results, but are not the tools of the master-crafters who are fueled by freedom and passion. True brilliance is wild and messy, not obedient or orderly. Control and greed; what more can be said—this is the 20th century summed up. Control and greed should be the definition for poor leadership. Fostering and partaking in the rare brilliance of a truly creative culture is an art-craft—not business. The human resources department needs to be seen as the "Holy-of-Holies" in the corporate temple. Employees should be respected above all — especially above single dimensional profits. If there is no respect for the employees, then you have the wrong employees or the wrong management, or both. Freedom, respect and commonwealth form the triad par excellence of any healthy relationship or creative culture.

— Bryant McGill

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