You will find beauty in every person and experience, but only if beauty has first been cultivated within. The supreme hallmark of reality is balance. Balance and fullness exist in the polarity of all things. How we choose to perceive affects how we partake of reality; narrowly or completely. When you engage in cynicism, pessimism and mean sarcasm you are amplifying imbalance and negativity in your life. It is not fair or realistic to be negative all the time. Dominant negativity cheats reality of its mutual positives. Your complete intelligence is designed to experience the fullness of life, not a narrow omission of its best possibilities. The world we create in our minds shapes the ultimate reality where we live. Perception meets you at the intersection of your beliefs and reality. Hopeful visions touch possibilities that only exist in the gaze of the faithful. So remember. If you want to live a new way, you have to start thinking that way. Your thoughts precede the lifestyle, not the other way around.

— Bryant McGill

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