To fully understand the state of the human family, and the problems we face together, we must carefully look at the ways women and children are treated by men. Throughout the ages, society has emotionally castrated the male, in order to condition his consciousness to become capable of unnatural acts of violence and war. This war-consciousness is purposely cultivated to guide the male away from the natural, healthy balances between masculine and feminine energies, and toward more unbalanced and detached psychologies. This detachment from compassion in the male is produced in him, so he can do the dirty work for society and its so-called national interest, in the form of social competition, militarism, and predation. Mothers should be very careful what type of boys and men they create, or allow to be created. The artificial man, which is being created, is indeed a monster, and carries within him the dark and unnatural male war-consciousness. The war-consciousness is a living meme; a parasitic blight on the soul of human consciousness. The war-consciousness is alien and suffocating to the untainted spirit-nature of women and children; its unique cruelty is the vile domain of unbalanced male dominance, and represents the lowest part of the male energy.

— Bryant McGill

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