The great teachers of the world were all merely students of the world. There are no teachers; there are only students. This is because there is only one source from which we ALL receive. The source flows through all people equally. The never-ending artesian well of light, love and energy flows through a single point, to all people simultaneously, and the only question is whether or not a person is ready to listen and receive, and download. People throughout time have looked at these students on their own journey, and considered them to be master teachers, but very seldom did these beings consider themselves teachers. No one person has more access to knowledge or universal truth than another person. The word teach implies that a person can give information to another person. At the most, a person can help another person realize their own ability to receive information that is already available to all people. There is nothing any great teacher can give you that you don't already have access to, and a right to possess. Any person bringing you information that claims to be an exclusive source of information is false. Any person who brings you a belief system, and especially a belief system of dependence, is your enemy. The true teachers, the great teachers, merely stand by and witness as the gift of enlightenment is received by the student in the same manner in which they received the same precious gift. That gift is a free-flowing endowment from the seat of all creation, which cannot be possessed, and is available to all souls whose hearts are open, and who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The choice is, and always was yours. Are you ready to become the student to your very own inner teachings?

— Bryant McGill

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