The greatest thing one can learn when trying to figure out life, is that life will be figured out, only when one stops trying to figure it out. The nature of surrender is not giving up control; the nature of surrender is realizing that control never existed, and was always an illusion. Many people believe that when they go through certain experiences that they are learning things. They may go to school, or read books, or learn by interacting with social groups. These people will inevitably say that their consciousness has been expanded, and they have been brought to new awareness through these experiences. The truth, however, is that the only time a consciousness is ever expanded is when that consciousness is brought in contact with the inner-self. It is not the act of reaching out that brings awareness, but rather after an entity has reached out, and then contracts back inward, in divine communion with self, that consciousness is expanded. This is because nothing else is needed except the self. Everything a person needs is already within. There is not a single outward experience, piece of knowledge, secret, guru, or truth that a person needs, which is not already within themselves. This is why people recognize truth when they hear it, because it was already within them! The only things that are true in this world are the things that teach a consciousness to release dependence on all things other than the self; one must rid themselves of all attachments. The real truth will lead a person away from any dependence they have from any outer source. For example, you do not need to be reading this text that you are reading right now. I cannot teach you anything. My thoughts serve no purpose except to cause you to do your own thinking, and come to your own realizations, which is something you could have done even without reading these writings at this moment. It is also something that need not be done anyway, because whatever realizations you have now, will be expanded or completely changed in the future. The future and your growth are ever-changing and ever evolving. There is no solid ground in the future. There is no understanding. There is no security. There is no safety. This is incredibly liberating because it suggests that you are perfect already.

— Bryant McGill

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