Impatience, resentment and jealousy are obvious negative emotions that are more easily understood as toxic. However, the concept of want is more complicated and confusing. If your feelings of "wanting" are not disruptive to your inner-tranquility then they are likely healthy. However, excessive want is a form of desperation and a declaration of lack. Any aggressive lust lacks balance and is unwholesome and obstructive. Balance in life is the key to everything. You need to focus on more than just your wants. Everyone has wants, but you have to be smart to get what you want. It can be counterintuitive and difficult to understand that in order to get anything, you must offer your value first — you must give. You must also create a space of sanity and security within yourself for your value and strategies to take root and grow. That space of sanity is called contentment and gratitude.

— Bryant McGill

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