It's not judging to have eyes. It's not judging to know something. You don't have to walk in someone else's shoes to see they are about to walk off a cliff. If you see someone about to walk off a cliff, yell and stop them. You can judge in service without out a haughty or arrogant heart. You were born to judge just as you were born to think. Your whole life is a series of judgements and adjustments. Don't let people batter you from the bully-pulpit about judging to the point that you suppress your common sense. They are not holier than you because they call their judging "discernment." Don't listen to "non-judgers," who judge your judgement; it's hypocritical hogwash. We judge people constantly. We were born to judge. You can judge a behaviour without condemning a soul. Someone's salvation is out of your jurisdiction but once they have opened their mouth the invitation to judge is irretractable. People often use the "judgement card" to hide when you are getting too close to the truth for comfort. Hang on to your judgement. Good judgement will keep you safe. Good judgement can and does save lives. Don't be afraid of your rightful power to judge others. Judging is one of your most powerful tools you have to protect those you care about, and yourself, from harm.

— Bryant McGill

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