Let me explain exactly why there are people, institutions and forces who are actively trying to use fear to persuade you that you are weak; it is because you are staggeringly POWERFUL! People have forgotten how powerful they are; they have been distracted, and a bit domesticated, at least on the surface. If you have forgotten yourself, allow me the pleasure of reminding you. Do you think a mountain lion is powerful and dangerous? Let me tell you something — you are dangerous. A human being is infinitely more powerful and dangerous than a mountain lion. Your will, your mind, your heart, your body; your total intelligence orchestrated into one razor-focused determination IS the hungry eye of the tiger. There is a fierce concentration inside of you; dormant — it is in your blood. It is the strength of your ancestors. It is the hammer and anvil of eons which struck the hardened steel of your spirit into a weapon of survival. You are a weapon. People deny their own strength because they are afraid of their own strength. Whether it's a corrupt government or an abusive lover, those who seek to control you want you to forget your strength, because they are afraid of you. And they should be afraid. In you is the terrible power to lay waste to a dark enemy in the resistance of evil. In you is the glorious power to heal, to love and to protect what is virtuous and honorable in life. Your awesome strength is a guardian and champion for all manner of good to prevail. In your hands and words are both the power of healing and destruction. When the false-voice of doubt starts whispering in your darkest hours, let the other voice, the voice of ages, which speaks through time to give you life answer back with your defiant, awakened resolve. Awaken to your power; the power to live, the power to overcome and the power to survive the challenges presently before you.

— Bryant McGill

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