This life can be brutal, but it is never harder than when you feel alone. Aloneness is one of the great illusions of the world. When we feel alone, we forget our great commonality. We can then become pessimistic or fatalistic about life. You are not alone, and there is so much goodness in the world. Our goodness is so resilient and ever wanting to express and serve. You can escape from ugliness and flee to reverence, beauty, and awe. Seek out spiritual communion with nature and different ideas and people. Strive to develop your understanding of the universal human struggle for peace and existence on this planet. It is amazing how huge problems shrink as our awareness expands. As you expand yourself, you will realize that you are not so different from others in your suffering, wishes and hopes. Beneath the suffering we are all the same vast beings, and if you look deeply enough you will discover that you love people, and you care, even for people with whom you disagree or don't understand. The sweetness in life did not go away; we turned our backs on her. Turn away from the ugliness and reunite with beauty. You have to want the beauty of life really bad, and you have to take action and look for it. You have to become a beauty seeker. You may not realize it yet, but someone, somewhere in the future needs you, and you have something great to offer others in this life. You are never alone.

— Bryant McGill

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