Your life is not supposed to be filled with unnecessary drama and pain, and if it is, then something is not right. While bad things do happen to good people, many common problems are frequently created by our own behaviours and thinking. You may not have started every problem, but you sure as hell have been keeping them going. Your burdens are perfectly measured and gifted to you according to your resistance. As long as you keep resisting, expect the pummeling to continue. Life is trying to get something through your thick head. Much of the torment of our lives is our own creation. Your every ill-thought, secreted hate, cynical and vicious judgment you carry is meant only for you. If you are prone to drama, you put your ugliness on others because you secretly want to see it and feel the pain it reflects back, so you can grow. You are the source of your pain, and you are the source of your healing. Even when someone hurts you, you choose how to struggle, resist, deny and receive. Maybe you receive pain selfishly — thinking only of yourself. The cycle of pain wounds every participant; both victim and aggressor. Most of your problems exist because your heart is hard, and you are being arrogant. It doesn't have to be so hard! You can change it. When you start acting more mindfully and positive, your life will come together in positive ways. But, no one can make it better for you; it's up to you. Take a beating of misfortune for the rest of your life, or expand in love and live with grace and ease. The life you want doesn't want you — until you are worthy. Only you can decide your worthiness. The nightmare can end the moment you humble yourself and begin practicing being virtuous and taking proper care of yourself.

— Bryant McGill

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