The most powerful tools of revolution through intention are humility and consciousness. Humility and full consciousness are inseparable. Once you become fully conscious and self-aware, or awake, you are immediately humble. Only unconscious people, and "sleep-walkers," who do not know themselves and what they really are can lack humility. True humility is greatness. Humility and greatness are not exclusive to one-another, but are fully compatible. Seek to be both great and good, through reclaiming your authenticity. The authentic human has the might of compassion and the creative power to do any manner of good. Humility is not weak. Not being great is a form of extreme arrogance, while being great is an act of true humility. It is arrogant to not be the great and marvelous being you were intended to be. It is supremely neglectful and insulting to the heart of creation to squander your divine birthright. It takes an act of absolute humility to accept the mantle of greatness, which was written into each of our destinies. All strength and greatness comes from humility. We must all be humble enough to be great, and to allow that greatness to carry us through hard times, to better days.

— Bryant McGill

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