One of the most powerful ways to expand in beauty and abundance is to voluntarily turn away from, or minimize your exposure to violent entertainment in all of its forms. Violent entertainment, while it seems innocuous, is an assault against the sensitivity with which we are all born. Violent video games, television, movies and entertainment can erode our sensitivity and diminish our empathy. We are all too comfortably adjusted to a diet of violence. Depending on how selective you are with choosing programming, television can turn your family living room into meditative den of death and violence worship. Much of TV is a pornographic cacophony of violence, death obsession, screams, gunfire and drama; if you think it's fine, it's because you are damaged. While your children play, in the background the TV blares with screams, gunfire and rape-murder scenes — it seeps in. You don't have to be an extremist, but could it hurt to be more mindful about what you allow in?

— Bryant McGill

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