We must embrace new frameworks of understanding that reject the angry, domineering, sex-driven male as an acceptable model. Women do not need a knight in shining armor or a Prince Charming to come to their rescue. The "Big Daddy" animus father-figure can be a man, lesbian female partner, community, government, or any type of power structure, but one thing always remains the same: if you are a good girl then "Big Daddy" will protect and love you, and if you are a bad girl, then you will be unloved, on your own, and the monsters will devour you. However, "Big Daddy" the fear monger, too often is the monster himself. The archetypal "Big Daddy" creates many of the fear-illusions used to keep women feeling insecure, dependent, scared, helpless, worthless, and full of restless despair. Love is the perfect safety, or the perfect weapon.

— Bryant McGill

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